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Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!Full story

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happenFull story

Top rated petanque postcards from our collection:

PEC_LCSP7203.jpg - click for full sizeMireille_8_Sanary.jpg - click for full sizeAmCartAnjou_4_sable.jpg - click for full sizeEstel_549S.jpg - click for full sizePEC_6283.jpg - click for full size

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire.
"It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"Full story

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!Full story

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?Full story

The most famous petanque-song: "Une partie de Petanque"

Petanque America Open is just around the corner

Remember the petanqueamerica open this coming week! An assortment of petanque- celebrities and a lot of teams from all over the world are coming. So why don't you join the party too?Full story

Club-database fixed

Unfortunately we had a "bug" in the clubs database that made new entries impossible. This has been fixed now, so if you have tried to register your club previously but it did not work, this is the time to try again.Full story

Thailand win their sixth womens world championship

Thailand defeated France 13-7 at the women’s Petanque World Championship on Monday in Mendi, France. This is their sixth world title.Full story

Lousiana - a place where petanque is catching on

The petanque club "La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette" put on a gamefor new french-teachers, to make them feel at home.Full story

Everyday Athlete on Playing Petanque

WCSH6 has a good introduction for new players of petanque: "Sometimes getting active can be difficult because of physical limitations, finances or location. But the game of petanque provides a solution to many of those problems. All you need is a few friends, some boules (petanque balls) and you are well on your way to playing!" Full story

A petanque-movie: Les Invincibles

Les Invincibles is a new french movie starring Gerard Depardieu,Virginie Efira, Atmen Kélif, Daniel Prévost, Edouard Baer and it's all about - petanque!Full story

Follow the petanque championships online

In october the european-championships for men and world-championships for women are arranged. And thanks to the internet we can now follow the action live.Full story

Finally the french may manage to invade England.

But not in the traditional way, this time it is with finesse, and of course Petanque. The latest land that has been added to france is a park in Huddersfield.Full story

French petanque Champion Marco Foyot is on tour in the USA

International Petanque Champion Marco Foyot will be visiting a dozen locations across the country where he will conduct clinics on skills of the game of petanque and also compete against local FPUSA club players.Full story

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