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By Mr.Bordsenius at 2000-01-01

This is what makes tick - and not tick when the server has problems.

Changes march 2004:

We have scrapped the html codebase that was built in the days Netscape 4.0 was a major player - 1997.

All tables, except for one, have been removed, and we have moved onto a CSS2 / HTML 4.01 codebase. We are considering a move to XHTML shortly.

This has reduced teh filesize by 70% , and load times should improve. All DHTML/javascript has been removed as well.

Stig Bordsenius

1997 - 2004:
User interface is based on HTML 4.0 / CSS 1. For this purpose we use 4 different style sheets.For Internet explorer for PC and Mac, and Netscape for PC and Mac. At this moment Opera conforms so closely to the W3C-CSS spec. that we use the Internet Explorer CSS as this renders the same effect.
What does it mean? All fonts, sizes etc. are exactly the same on PC and Macintosh. To our knowledge nobody else on the web does this.

The pages are made to load as fast as possible, with a minimum of graphics. All text is kept as text, and not cool-looking images, to ease scaling, printing and interpretation by machines - to facilitate use for those with a less than perfect eyesight


At the moment we are using Perl and PHP, the main programming languages of the web. All news-items is stored in our database.

A Document Type Defininition will be made available to those who would like to use information from our site, to facilitate the extracion of the content from the XML-files that we export all our content to.

All out databases are in mySQL, and they are accessed through perl. We are building more stuff than the users see, as we need back-end systems to administer all databases and forums.

The server is running FreeBSD , Apache , mySQL, mod Perl and Php.

Strage pop-ups?

We have included some Dynamic HTML to guide you through our menu system. It works on all browsers that conform to the DOM 1.0 specs, as well as Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0. It has been included as a test, but if the users are content with it we'll probably expand the functionallity. Please give us feedback on this

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Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happen

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire. "It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?

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