The Maltese game of boules bocci is played on a very smooth surface that is covered with coarse-grained sand. The jack has the size of a marble and the boules are of composition and they look like billiard-balls. One team plays with red boules, the other one with blue.

Each team has three players. The lancer has to deliver the jack and to point the coloured boules. The two other players don't point; they only have to shoot well-placed boules by means of wooden cylinders that have the shape of a preserving can of about one litre. These cylinders have the same colours as the boules of the same team. Each lancer has three boules to play and each shooter two cylinders. Only boules will count for the score.

The players have to deliver their boules or cylinders from a metal V that points out into the direction of the jack. While throwing a boule or a cylinder, at least the toe of a foot has to stay in the metal V. The other foot is stretched as far as possible into the direction of the jack. The jack is thrown out between 6 and 10 m. Although the game is played up to 21 points, it can also be agreed by the players before play starts.

Pictures: Huub Heeskens


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