Second Round of Regional Qualifiers

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Second Round of Regional Qualifiers Top Twelve Qualify 1st HMS Dreadnought Mike Tull, Harrison Ash, Simon Greeves 8 wins, +51 2nd La Premiership Glenn Floyd, Stuart Floyd, Karen Lombard 8 wins, +30 3rd Cobbetts 1 Steve Lombard, Richard Greeves, Dave Stubbs 7 wins, +36 4th Trinity 2012 Ben Treend, Ashley Jamieson, Bradey Jamieson, Sean Prendergast 7 wins, +27 5th Three Lions David Plumhoff, Graham Galton, Aaron Giles 7 wins, +24 6th The Avengers Mark Robertshaw, Ashley Odell, Allan Paice, Dave Lucas 7 wins, +23 7th Cobbetts Too Mike Porter, Alison Stubbs, Chris Barron 7 wins, +3 8th Limesdowne Sheila Hayward, Paul Hayward, Mike Sheppard 6 wins, +25 9th Quattro Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat, Lesley Lewis, Jeff Fox 6 wins, +13 10th Incognito Lesley Manning, Richard Baker, Bernie Miles 6 wins, +8 11th Handur Nigel Sibbing, Anthony Kidd Martin, Gordon 6 wins, +5 12th The Italian Job Gianni Dalmasso, Hilary Dalmasso, Pam Treend, Trevor Treend 5 wins, +17 13th Arundel Aardvarks Mike Knight, Kath Knight, Tomaz Rypien, Ashish Sewoke 5 wins, +12 14th Mystical Mayhem Roz Silvester, Matt Silvester, Alex Hepburn, Julie Power 5 wins, +1 15th Three Men and a Little Lady Stephen Snudden, Michelle Mckenzie, Colin Crofts, Stan Ash 5 wins, +1 16th Belgium Bound Samanatha Thatcher, Kaylee Thatcher, Wayne Thatcher 5 wins, -5 17th Pirates Peter Galton, Shane King, Wayne Webster, Jack Hilton 5 wins, -10 18th JEG Jean Morgan, Elwyn Morgan, Gareth Morgan 5 wins, -17 19th Useless Graham Elcome, Debbie Elcome, David Cruz, Dani Soriano 4 wins, +3 20th The Bards Barry McDonnell, Andy Harrington, Richard Foulsham, David Wicks 4 wins, +1 21st Desperadoes Danny Corp, Tony Jones, Rob Bish, John Limburne 4 wins, +1 22nd B.B.C Dave Peerman, Sue Marshall, Carol Paice 4 wins, -6 23rd The Bouledogs Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson, Kay Aplin, Mervyn Waller 3 wins, -25 24th Adur John Inglis, Cameron Tubb, Ray Austen, Dan Baker 3 wins, -30 25th Arunrose Tim Lawson, Derek Coates, Maurice Jetton, Peter Maynard 3 wins, -30 26th Titanic Steve Love, Andy Love, Sue Sandy, Alan Forse 2 wins, -40 27th JSJ Jed Stone, Steve Bicknell, Jackie Corp 2 wins, -62 28th Four Bar One Chris Wilcox, Tony Richins, Trish Richins, Celia Rawlings 1 win, -56

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