First manuscript, Rules of the Game of Boules

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2000-01-01

Article 1
The game is normally played until the first team to make 11 points, wins. The game may be extended according to the pleasure of the players. They must all consent to prolong the match. One lone player may prevent an extension, he shall be within his rights. He will say to you ďIím playing to 11 points, I donít want to prolong itĒ.

Article 2
As soon as the ďlittle oneĒ (jack) is thrown, it must be marked. He who threw the jack must point first. If he plays only one boule, he has that right. All the players must take their place by the jack which has been marked, this is a requirement.
Article 3
The pointer having thrown the jack far or near according to his pleasure, the opposing team have no say in the matter. The same when their turn comes, far or near, the player is at liberty.
Article 4
The pointer throwing the jack, if itís stopped by the audience, itís still good. If itís one of his teammates and the opposing team approves, then it stays where it is, unless itís hidden from view. Then he has the right to re-throw the jack where he wishes. If the pointer, having thrown the jack, if itís hidden, after 3 times, the other pointer from the opposing team takes the jack. If itís stopped by the opposing team, he has the right to re-throw the jack, the jack must stay where it is, if it can be seen from the marked goal, unless all the players agree to re-throw it. One lone player can oppose this, heís within his rights.
Article 5
The pointer playing, if his boule is stopped by the audience or one of his teammates, too bad for him the boule is good, but if itís one of the other team that stops the boule, the pointer has the right to put his boule wheresoever he likes or replay the boule. Because sometimes a bad sport on seeing a boule go in a good direction will stop it and make some false excuse. In all games, all those who would be fooled, are victims. Itís taken into account in all the rules, to avoid any arguments.
Article 6
When a shooter (tireur) is about to shoot a boule or the jack, or playing to push, he must before shooting shout ďwatch outĒ, itís in the rules, required as a general rule. If the jack is stopped by the audience, it must stay where it is. If the jack is stopped by a player from the shooterís team, it canít stay where it is because it could end up with boules from the shooterís team. There will necessarily be arguments. The opponents of the shooter have the right to leave the jack where it is, or to replace it where it was before the shot was made. The shooter may not replay his boule, but if itís a player from the opposing team who stopped the jack, the shooter has the right to toss the jack at one, two, three meters as he desires, from the place where he shot the jack, to the right or left or straight at his whim. Because there may be boules at a certain distance, he has the choice but it isnít the same for a boule shot that the audience stops, it stays, if the opposing team stops it, itís removed. This is aimed at underhanded players who by standing in front stop the jack, too bad for he who misses, itís he who is the victim.
Article 7
To know who has the point, the last to play or one of his partners, believing that he has the point, must measure first. If he moves the jack or the boule, he loses the advantage of measuring and leaves it to the opponent to measure. If he in turn moves the jack or the boule, he loses his advantage. If the point canít be decided among the players, they must present it to be judged by the majority of the audience. If it still canít be said who (holds the point) the player who last played must play again, and then the opponent. This continues as long as the players leave it unchanged, if it stays until all the boules are gone, the end is null, and he who threw out the jack starts again.
Article 8
All boules thrown are (considered) played even when holding the point. Itís up to the player to pay attention to the game and if his partner stops the boule believing he may replay it, heís mistaken. Itís a lost boule. If itís a player from the opposing team who stops the boule, the pointer for his trouble, has the right to place his ball where it suits him.
Article 9
One must not play before his turn, under penalty of leaving the boule badly played, unless the other team tricked you by saying that they had the point, in that case it may be replayed.
Article 10
He who forgets to play his boule, when all his team have finished and the opponents have begun to play out their remaining boules to empty their hands, he no longer has the right to play. He would have all the advantage if they were to have shot the jack or somesuch.
Article 11
The inadvertantly removed boule which might have counted a point, no longer counts. By the same token if the jack is taken up one cannot count what may have been forgotten. If a boule which has been played is disturbed where it lies, from whatever direction, it shall be put back where it had stopped. If that place cannot be demonstrated, the boule is removed.
Article 12
When players are asked how many boules they have left to play, they must respond correctly under penalty of losing the end. He who abandons the game, by right, loses it.
Article 13
If a player needs or pretends he needs to let his boules be played by one of his partners, the opposing team may designate the player who will play the boules. Since there are some players who do better than others, and since the teams were chosen for a well matched game, the opponents are within their rights.
Article 14
The jack lost or a boule lost, depends on the disposition of the court being played and the habit of the players. The jack gone out, the pointer who threw it starts again. If in the course of the game the players canít remember the score, they must take the question it to the audience. Just as when the jack is stopped, itís the majority of the audience who judge the facts.
Article 15
When a boule is rolling, it must be accorded respect, one mustnít stop it nor throw or remove trash. If while your partner is preparing to play you notice something which may interfere with his play, you may do it, but only before he plays. If itís the other team you have no right.

Gentlemen, lovers of boules, I submit myself in advance to the good advice which you may give me. I will accept with pleasure all the suggestions that you judge appropriate. I ask that you sign your name for approval. I am, your very devoted player of boules, for my daily amusement, COUSSIN, retired bookseller.

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