Second manuscript ,The Game of Boules

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2000-01-01

The game of boules is one which is daily catching on with more and more enthusiasts in Paris and the outskirts of the capital, and even in the country districts. The game of boules is an attractive gymnastic exercise, an amusement of skill and spirit.

To conduct the game well, so as not to be caught by surprise by the opponents, so as to prevent large adverse rounds, that’s the spirit of the player who plays the game. The game of boules is more serious than you’d think. For the self-respect of good players, I thought, gentlemen, enthusiasts, players of boules, that a little set of rules for the game could be agreeable to you and very useful, so as not to always be arguing over the shots which happen daily, and which each judges, in his own way, following his own interest, and which are very often badly judged, by stubborn people who know nothing of the game, who are the most obstinate when judging, out of sheer pride saying “I’m right!” These rules I propose could prevent all difficulties with the approval of those gentlemen, the boules players, who know perfectly well all the situations which can arise on a boules court. I’ll accept with pleasure all the suggestions that you judge appropriate.

The qualities of the Game of Boules.
One laughs, the other bites his lip and grimaces, another hops about clicking his heels, still others wave their arms about like a semaphore to comment on the play, and yet another runs quite around the audience to see if his boule is near the jack, everyone has a good time. As for the onlookers, those who bust a gut laughing without noticing what’s happening - there’s more than one of the audience that’s held himself in from laughing and then never had time to reach the privy. Look, take stock of the thing, the game of boules stirs up the humours and heats up the blood. The greatest physicians approve of its gymnastic exercises for one’s health, and as Raspail (chemist and sage 1794-1878) said, “If you haven’t the means to keep a horse for riding, you should have some boules for rolling.

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