Building a Petanque Court in SE England

Having talked about it for years (especially during games in French holiday villas), I finally decided it was time for action and set about my own construction.
Andrew Pincott has sendt us this excellent guide on how to build a petanque-pisteFull story

What to do when you pass 83 years? Build a petanque court.

by Michele Hewitt.
My Dad, 84 year old Raymond Fouquet, is a member of the Los Angeles Petanque Club. After my Mom died last year, he moved in with us. Since he moved away from his friends and weekly petanque match in Los Angeles, we decided to convert our front lawn into a petanque court. Full story

Top rated petanque postcards from our collection:

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Building a petanque court in Dubai

Peter Macfarquhar has just finished making a petanque court in
the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf. The procedure was basically similar to the courts we have described, with a few specialized adaptations to local conditions.Full story

Building a petanque court in Montreal

By Ken Turner
I was on a missions trip in July with the youth from my church. We went to Montreal for a week. In all, there were 25 groups that performed work for the people of Montreal. We volunteered our labor for a week as a way to show God's love to other people.
Full story

An Anderson, California Court being built

When I decided to build my own court, I chose a site that paralleled our sailboat pad in our side yard. I had some obstacles that determined our construction methods and dimensions, which included a septic leech line, a unique stand of oak trees and a 4' slope. I hired Rick Pareno of Landmark Landscapes who is located here in Anderson, CA to do the grading and construction. The dimensions of the court are 40'x14'.Full story

Building a welsh piste

There is something a little 'tongue in cheek' about building a French Boules Piste on the side of a Welsh hillside, but this is exactly what I've done! I bought my house, in the area I was brought up in, in the Autumn of 2001. With a huge renovation task facing me on the house: damp course, re-plastering, wiring and plumbing I decided to get my priorities right and lay a piste!
by Eifion WilliamsFull story

Hollywood Pétanque

A Southern California Boules Court Revisited
David Jacobs
In November, 2002, we completed a Pétanque court at our hillside home in Los Angeles. We had a terraced plane with suitable dimensions: 18 feet wide and 50 feet long. Drainage was excellent so all we had to do was pull up the grass, put down about three inches of crushed gravel, then top it with three inches of decomposed granite (not stone dust, as I had originally reported: I’ve since learned that stone dust is something quite different). We rented a tamper to tamp down the surface and we were ready to play.

At that time we posted our story and pictures on this site. Here’s our update.Full story

A southern california boules court

A new story for our "building a court" section, contributed by David Jacobs:
After several summer visits to France, my wife (who received the nickname "Le Destroyer" from a 90-year-old Pétanque veteran in one of the towns) and I decided to build a court at our home in Los Angeles.Full story

Campaign for Real Pétanque Terrains!

By Ray Ager.
Most guidelines for building terrains emphasise the basic requirement for a rectangular piste, e.g. 12 or 15 x 4m. Whilst this is obviously the basic requirement for marked-out terrains for competitions, it tends to result in rather dull, featureless terrains being built.Full story

The story of a manually built court

Brian Walsh built his petanque.cort almost completely by hand. Here is his story about the construction of the court , and valuable hints on do's and dont's when you are building a petanque court. This is a start for a new section on "Building a court". And as usual - we need contributions.Full story

No piste/terrain plays the same

No piste/terrain plays the same as so much depends on its construction, but several points are important.
Full story

Materials for the court

These are the recomendations from the Danish Petanque Federation:
The court should ideally be built in four layers,
And the material to use in the layers are (if available):Full story

Have you built a petanque court?

We need to get in contact with someone who has built a petanque-court to help us out making a good guide for this subject here at This section is just starting out, and we need more content. All contributions are welcome, so send in those e-mails.Full story

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Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

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FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire. "It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

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Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?

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