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Bitankki r.y.
Country Finland
Members 35
best Result 11 peaces of Finnish Championship medals - 9 female (4 gold), 1 male, 1 veterans (gold).
Founded year 1995
Playing grounds Hakaniemi Square Park at the back of Hakaniemi Market sq. Helsinki/ In winter Pasila Petanque hall
Info All original "Bit-tank" -players were all somehow involved to information technology. Now they are a minority and many other people are plying with us. This info is from October 2013.
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Club des Champions
Country Finland
Founded year 2003
Contact Person Jarmo Heinonen
Info Club des Champions is the most popular and successful petanque club in Finland. They got even own fan club.
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Helsingin Pétanque Klubi ry
Country Finland
Founded year 2000
Contact Person Matti Törrönen
Telephone +358 50 57 05 222
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Kallion Kirkas ry
Country Finland
Members 51
best Result Best petanque Club in Finland 2004
Founded year 1990
Playing grounds Parks in Kallio area, Helsinki
Contact Person Ms. Riitta Kangas
Telephone +35850 385 4473
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Lahti Boule ry
Country Finland
Members 30
best Result Many
Founded year 1992
Playing grounds Yes
Contact Person Jukka Poyry
Telephone +358-50-5963855
Fax +358-3-7527254
SLP Suomen Lisenssipelaajat ry
Country Finland
Members about 200 (active 30)
best Result Champion of Scandinavian (1992).

Several Finnish Campionhips.

For example 3 times in
Founded year 1991
Playing grounds Kaisaniemi
Contact Person Henri Palmqvist
Telephone +358 400 967467
Fax +358 9 7774764
Info International Competition, 4eme RICARD TROPHY 8.8.1999. W E L C O M E !!!

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