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Kiryat Tivon Petanque Clup
Country Israel
Members 15
best Result Israel triplet championship 2009
Founded year 1994
Playing grounds 5
Membership fee 50$ per year
Contact Person Abed E. Zubidat
Telephone (+972)49532375
Fax (+972)49931671
Address Bosmat Tivon 36008, Pbox 6128, Alzitoon 22
homepage homepage
Club Email
Country Israel
Members 100
Founded year 1986
Playing grounds hahruv
Tel Aviv
Country Israel
Members 25
Founded year 1994
Playing grounds Rotchild boulevard 91
Contact Person cordoba amiel
Telephone ++972-3-5660567
Fax ++972-3-5660527
Info celular phone-058-464153 the playing grounds are located in Rotchild boulevard between Shenkin st.and Balfur st.
Address cordoba amiel 72 Shenkin st. Tel Aviv 65223
Club Email
Type of Club Petanque

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