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Do you enjoy pictures of petanque-play, provence, humorous postcards, beautiful scenery and a French flair?
If so, this is something for you!

We have a screensaver for download here, thanks to a friendly contribution.
The screensaver is available for both Mac Os 8/9 ,Mac OS X , and Microsoft Windows!
The content is more than 200 of the postcards in our collection , all packed into a screensaver application.

The screensaver has been downloaded 18331 times so far


Pool system

Pools consist of preferably 4 teams, but may have 3 teams as well. The only reason to go to a 3-team pool would be if the number of teams is not a multiple of four. When 3-team pools are necessary, they should only be used in the minimum, that as many teams as possible should go into 4-team pools. All selection for the pools is done by random draw.

Pool system PDF

Pool system(PDF)

Swiss tournament system

Instructions, and Who-Plays-Who Tables for the Swiss System of Tournament play.    In the Swiss System, there are tables for tournaments made up of 8-38 teams as well as a Play-Off Quadradge where the top 8 teams play for the championship. 

Swiss tournament system PDF

Swiss tournament system(PDF)

Desktop Pictures

We have some of our postcards in a very high resolution for use as desktop picture on your pc. Just follow the link, and select "use as desktop picture" when you right-click on the image










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