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This is a general discussion forum about petanque. All issues may be discussed here.

Best Coaching Video   tom bricca (11-06-2008)

The Open Cup of Moscow, tet-a-tet (Russia)   Pavel Pryanikov (26-05-2008)

Breaking the Petanque World Record   Jeff Widen (26-05-2008)

Enquiry please?   Betty White (12-05-2008)

petanque surface aggregates   kevin o'brien (07-04-2008)

YouTube has some great clips   Eric Breiby (23-02-2008)

Sibu Petanque Association (PPS)- OFFICIAL WEBSITE (MALAYSIA)   Shahrul Nizam Yusop (20-02-2008)

Illegal Petanque Exposed   tom bricca (06-02-2008)

new terrain?   steve meadowcroft (30-01-2008)

most difficult shot/throw?   Eric Breiby (19-01-2008)

Legal Size for pistes   James ayre (11-12-2007)

Quintaisport   Eric Breiby (07-12-2007)

terminology?   Eric Breiby (07-12-2007)

petanque news?   Eric Breiby (07-12-2007)

petanque in winter   Eric Breiby (24-10-2007)

pondered past dimension   Eric Breiby (18-10-2007)

Game play   Jacob Colbert (15-10-2007)

Is petanque a sport   Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Silan (08-10-2007)

Petanque on TV Pattaya (01-10-2007)

The Balance of Boules   F. William Baker (24-09-2007)

43d World Championship in Pattaya   Guy Therrien (22-09-2007)

43d World Championship in Pattaya - TV relay??   Dmitry Matison (17-09-2007)

played at a public park   Eric Breiby (13-09-2007)

"so you're playing Bocce..."   Jeff Widen (12-09-2007)

court construction   Richard Scholl (04-09-2007)

Length of daily competitions   James ayre (03-09-2007)

Boules indoor or outdoor   Jeff Fox (20-08-2007)

10 courts, new surface Pattaya (19-08-2007)

Rolling-In, and other shots   Eric Breiby (15-08-2007)

Petanque boules gettings knicked and scuffed   Eric Breiby (12-08-2007)

Who is considered the best?   Eric Breib (05-08-2007)

OPOINT Boules   F. William Baker (31-07-2007)

funny boules   Jeremy Knuggins (30-07-2007)

Petanque Holidays   Marius Schilling (16-07-2007)

Max. dimensions for petanque court?   Eric Breiby (04-07-2007)

UK teams to Tour South France   Tim Cooper (03-07-2007)

I'm in Alaska, where to buy equipment?   Eric Breiby (02-07-2007)

Petanque in London, Ontario   Jason McIntyre (14-06-2007)

World Champinship, Pattaya in September 2007 Pattaya (07-06-2007)

World Petanque Day June 2nd   Nadine Simpson (23-05-2007)

get acquainted   che che lia (01-05-2007)

How much boules I can play in petanque?   Artur Siarheyeu (20-04-2007)

Who hosts a Petanque Social Tournament   Pat Short (19-04-2007)

How many Petanque players in Whole Wide World??   Maciej Zlobinski (08-03-2007)

Competitive Petanque: Photo and Reports   Alec Stone Sweet (02-03-2007)

Merry xmas   Stig Bordsenius (24-12-2006)

Good luck   manuel GLUCK (03-12-2006)

petanque in Latin America?   Marie Movich (14-11-2006)

Petanque Culture?   Don Nairn (06-11-2006)

Russell Crowe's Friday Night Petanque Parties   Jeff Widen (04-11-2006)

Racism in pentaque   George Potts (03-11-2006)

Questions about Canada   Petanque America (31-10-2006)

Second hand boule?   Don Nairn (29-10-2006)

Chicago Tribune coverage of the Midwest Fall Tournament   Dan Danielson (16-10-2006)

Petanque Exchange Visits   Toni Gates (12-10-2006)

Where to play petanque in Thailand   Jyrki Matikainen (18-08-2006)

Where to play petanque in Thailand   Jyrki Matikainen (18-08-2006)

To Shoot or To Point ?   Ivan See (15-08-2006)

clubs in Winston-Salem, N.C. or surrounding area   Christine Richard (Mesquiti) (14-08-2006)

Club Format May Increase Interest   Jeff Widen (12-08-2006)

advice for wheelchair user   Ellinor R. Mitchell (09-08-2006)

advice for wheelchair user   Ellinor R. Mitchell (09-08-2006)

oil   Micael Bouckaert (07-08-2006)

Petanque video.   Dave Lang (29-07-2006)

Dumb question?   Dave Lang (26-07-2006)

Where can we play in Montreal????   J & M Lessard (20-07-2006)

Membership is full (kapout) in America   Jean-Philippe Guglielmi (18-07-2006)

Videos of La Marseillaise's finale 2006   Jean-Philippe Guglielmi (18-07-2006)

schedules according to number of players   Carina van Ballegooij (17-07-2006)

Good Luck to NYC Bastille Players!   Joe Zajac (11-07-2006)

New club set up in North East England   Mark Wightman (30-06-2006)

Court Ettiquet   Hans Kurz (29-06-2006)

Bastille Day- Petanque gamesin Charleston, SC   Chris Strickland (22-06-2006)

Petanque in Montreal   j walker (20-06-2006)

Petanque in NC   Trish Taylor (11-06-2006)

Petanque in MASTERCARD PRICESS article   Jeff Widen (29-05-2006)

Comments on Swiss system tournament   Dawid Jodlowiec (27-05-2006)

Need Advises and Help for Petanque Projects in Turkey & Istanbul   Nural İnciler (24-05-2006)

the 4 levels of consciousness   Tom Bricca (22-05-2006)

premature release   tom bricca (21-05-2006)

court size   roy ashby (18-05-2006)

La Marseillaise   Ray Ager (05-05-2006)

Role of the umpire?   Don Nairn (28-04-2006)

forum   Ellinor R. Mitchell (26-04-2006)

Umpire Hell   tom bricca (19-04-2006)

The Shoot and Stick   tom bricca (19-04-2006)

Swiss tournament system Score sheets   guy therrien (08-04-2006)

First Ever book on American Petanque   tom bricca (08-04-2006)

Methods of draw?   Don Nairn (02-04-2006)

Petanque has been approved by the International Olympic Committee   guy therrien (01-04-2006)

2 bouchon petanque   tom bricca (31-03-2006)

Strategy   Helmut Scholz (25-03-2006)

Strategy   Helmut Scholz (25-03-2006)

Video clips 1999 North Sea in Oslo   Andrew Mack (25-03-2006)

throwing styles   steve smith (21-03-2006)

throwing styles   steve smith (21-03-2006)

United States Youth Program   tom bricca (19-03-2006)   otto Thorgaard (15-03-2006)

What is   otto Thorgaard (15-03-2006)

Testing the terrain before playing...   guy therrien (13-03-2006)

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