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This is a general discussion forum about petanque. All issues may be discussed here.

Jakarta Petanque Open - 1rst JPO 2015   Cedric Vernet (04-04-2015)

Petanque in Greece   Lee O'Connor (02-04-2015)

Picture of a petanque ball   Ronald Luzzi (21-01-2015)

New game called Petanque Manager available   Kimmo Keränen (18-11-2014)

Petanque in Abu Dhabi   Jean Francois Sanchez (14-11-2014)

Disabled Petanque   Mohd Idrus Awang Kechil (15-10-2014)

Need pictures of petanque fields   Kimmo Keränen (01-10-2014)

Tunisia   Roz Silvester (18-09-2014)

Which form of Petanque played most in Lyon?   Marc Camacho (22-08-2014)

buying boules in Paris   Peter MacF (12-05-2014)

Petanque in Paris   Peter MacF (08-05-2014)

RefereeApp   Ottmar Kraemer-Fuhrmann (28-04-2014)

The Fanny tradition   Kim Badcock (12-04-2014)

Petanque in Doha, Qatar?   Peter MacF (10-04-2014)

Mixed double tounament?   jostein setsaas (21-07-2013)

Is there a quick form of the game?   Michael Baker (25-06-2013)

Question   Kieran Stone (05-06-2013)

Petanque story   Helmut Scholz (15-05-2013)

server changed, please report errors   Stig bordsenius (13-11-2012)

Petanque in the Outerbanks?   Gary Jones (15-10-2012)

Petanque surface?   Dave Smith (05-11-2012)

New planning application to demolish The Limes at Catisfield, home of Limesdowne Pétanque Club   Doug Glading (20-08-2012)

Identification of older boules   Raymond Ager (06-08-2012)

Regulation boules   Louis Casimir (31-07-2012)

polska 31   patryk patryk (11-06-2012)

Tweed Valley Petanque Club   Tommy Quinn (30-03-2012)

Blogs   Dave Smith (28-02-2012)

Success of the New Petanque in Moscow!   BOULAY Jean-Yves (11-02-2012)

The New Petanque   BOULAY Jean-Yves (26-12-2011)

Court Surfaces?   Jessica Wohl (06-10-2011)

Rare shot?   Dave Smith (06-09-2011)

Petanque or Boules court available   Becky Preston (16-08-2011)

Petanque gravel   ami duende (24-07-2011)

Piste dimension   David Smith (17-07-2011)

unfair rule?   David Smith (14-07-2011)

Petanque in Paris - Rent Location   Emma White (11-07-2011)

Scoreboards   David Smith (10-07-2011)

Three Player Game   David Smith (08-11-2011)

Best shot?   David Smith (13-06-2011)

TV and petanque   Dave Smith (06-04-2011)

Antique boules?   Debra Camillo (31-03-2011)

UK New Terrain - funding vis '106' agreements   Doug Glading (29-03-2011)

Olympics   Dave Smith (28-03-2011)

Tour   marc Lowry (22-02-2011)

Tour   marc Lowry (13-01-2011)

the best tranining   azman abu (05-01-2011)

throw jack   azmna abu (03-01-2011)

Online Petanque game   Sam Livesley (21-12-2010)

Petanque in Thailand / BKK   Ray Bond (15-11-2010)

Scoring   John donkin (02-11-2010)

We get some strange mail here   stig bordsenius (28-10-2010)

Rule Clarification   Travis Cready (24-09-2010)

New petanque pitches available   Robert Sheppard (22-09-2010)

Petanque in Ontario, Canada   Lina J. (17-09-2010)

next World Cup   david price (11-09-2010)

Petanque championships moved after cash shortfall   taipei times (19-08-2010)

International championship of Czech Republic in pétanque 2010   Jan Michálek (05-07-2010)

Terrain construction on asphalt   Travis Cready (15-06-2010)

buy book win to win   azman abu (03-06-2010)

Coaching from the side   Stan Dibble (19-05-2010)

Petanque in Lille France   Dan Hinman (16-03-2010)

crossboule c³ challenge your world   chris caliman (08-02-2010)

how make the best pointer   azman abu (07-01-2010)


Petanque in Lanzorote   Lee Jamieson (16-10-2009)

Holding all boules   Peter Shinagawa-Turner (28-08-2009)

Petanque on the Isle of Man?   Barry Green (16-08-2009)

Interesting Situation - Very Close Cochonnet   Jeff Widen (13-08-2009)

Blogs   Jeff Fox (08-08-2009)

Spain / France Winter Petanque   Chris Charlton (06-08-2009)

Petanque in Central London - UK   Xavier Baby (05-08-2009)

Pétanque: 25th Southeast Asian Games   Haji Karim Daud Ibnu Badigol Sood (02-07-2009)

Senior Games 2009   Senior Games 2009 (01-07-2009)

La Provençale   J-C LOOMIS (09-06-2009)

petanque book   nadine simpson (04-06-2009)

Petanque America Open 2009 - Airfares   Petanque America (23-05-2009)

Standing in the circle   Stan Dibble (23-03-2009)

New book on how to win at Petanque   Kevin ORourke (07-02-2009)

2008 asian cup website   dan chang (01-11-2008)

Putting Left/Right "English" on a boule   Jeff Widen (21-10-2008)

Visiting France   Terry Dando (04-10-2008)

Team Turns   Douglas Fayers (04-10-2008)

English speaker in Marseille   Brian Stote (26-09-2008)

International compation surface   Kevin Pinkerton (25-09-2008)

english speaking petanque player marseille   Nicky lenno (16-09-2008)

wc´s   john donne (14-09-2008)

Removing an illegally played ball   tom bricca (13-09-2008)

Bouchon Tossing Techniques   tom bricca (13-09-2008)

Cheating?   don nairn (27-08-2008)

2009 the world game competition arena   dan cho (27-08-2008)

anyone made a surface?   Eric Breiby (27-07-2008)

technique   dan stephenson (20-07-2008)

Tir de precision history   Łukasz Kastelik (15-07-2008)

Pastis?   Eric Breiby (10-07-2008)

Shame on the cheap Dutchmen!   H Jensen (09-07-2008)

Boule   Chris Kierner (06-07-2008)

divebomb technique   Eric Breiby (26-06-2008)

quintais   s davis (24-06-2008)

World Championships   Philippe B (21-06-2008)

Celebrities Playing Petanque   tom bricca (12-06-2008)

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