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We are pleased to offer a new 'Equipment' forum - if you have any questions about which is the best boule, how to chose the right boule, whether to use hard or soft boules, here's the place to post your questions

MARATHON - MT Petanque Boules???   Nina Arns (03-09-2014)

Where to buy MS Petanque boules?   Peter MacF (20-04-2014)

sizing with MS Tortue   Peter MacF (10-04-2014)

Why boules in sets of 8 ??   Marc Cogan (22-05-2012)

Beach Petanque   Wesley Gottesman (21-05-2012)

boule fbt   azman abu (23-04-2012)

Shoes   Richard Willens (19-01-2011)

Shoes   Mohammed Reyad (19-01-2011)

bronze boules   Fraser White (02-10-2010)

Buy boules in Amsterdam   ma An (30-09-2010)

how to have an intersant set ?   28jul-01044rb! 28jul-01044rb! (28-07-2010)

where to get a good balll and where tu buy   Addy Faizal Jaafar (20-11-2008)

No boules for playing games   dan cho (15-08-2008)

Size   Al Hill (06-03-2008)

Right size boule   Al Hill (06-03-2008)

Which boules to play   pedro andre (24-07-2007)

Marel Sports Petanque - Tortue   Tom Jud (22-04-2007)

what are best boules grounds?   peter lensvelt (28-02-2007)

oxidization?   Monty D (17-09-2006)

Would anyone know these boules?   Joseph Bowers (13-07-2006)

Hard boule?   Pascal Georges (18-08-2012)

Rebound   j walker (07-06-2006)

ATX versus Bi-pole   j walker (07-06-2006)

Where to buy boules in Detroit Metro?   Mike LaJoice (22-05-2006)

Coloured boules   p petanque (15-05-2006)

Boule from Thailand??   Don Nairn (28-04-2006)

hardness scales?   Don Nairn (10-04-2006)

Sensible combinations?   Don Nairn (09-03-2006)

boules size ??   otto Thorgaard (01-03-2006)

Stainless boule   Jeffrey Widen (27-01-2006)

Integrale AC Carreau Bronze Boules   Jeffrey Widen (22-11-2005)

Forum Rules   Barbara Randall (10-11-2005)

OBUT Bi-Pôle   F. William Baker (18-10-2005)

shooter boule   aiio *** (16-10-2005)

books/videos   George Carey (13-10-2005)

Where to buy boules in Canada?   N Noel (14-09-2005)

Waffle Pattern - Traction   David Chernowski (11-08-2005)

Camera Bags Make Great Boule Bags   Jerry Biden (11-08-2005)

Small Pointers   Ray Ager (10-08-2005)

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