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Share your thoughts with the world about the rules, how they are interpreted and how you interpret them.
The official rules are online here

not quite clear about the dead boule rules   Peter MacF (04-05-2014)

Shooting out the cochonnet   Kim Badcock (12-04-2014)

I don't like this rule either...   Dave Smith (28-02-2013)

I don't like this rule...   Dave Smith (30-01-2013)

Who gets the points ?   Dave Smith (31-12-2012)

proper holding of the boules for throwing   Henry Martin (18-08-2012)

Art. 15 Of Petanque rules   Don Nairn (25-07-2012)

Rules of "The New Petanque"   BOULAY Jean-Yves (26-12-2011)

The official rules are here   Guy Therrien (26-08-2011)

whose point?   Loek Neve (28-01-2012)

Removing boules before score is agreed   Stan Dibble (17-06-2011)

question act 6   azman abu (09-04-2011)

Extraneous rule?   Dave Smith (04-04-2011)

Marking of boule   Dave Smith (04-04-2011)

weight/size of a set of boules   John donkin (29-10-2010)

boundary of circle query   Fraser White (17-10-2010)

artical 10   azman abu (16-09-2010)

Rules "Gardening"   Richard Greenwood (30-06-2010)

Rules "Gardening"   Richard Greenwood (30-06-2010)

basic question on throwing palm-up   M DP (17-05-2010)

Rule when the Boules was stopped   Tomaz Malovic (09-04-2010)

new friends   azman abu (17-06-2009)

Using FIPJP Approved equipment   John Ernst (29-04-2009)

Refusing to play with legal equipment.   John-Paul Ernst (27-04-2009)

Legal Jack or not??   Kenneth Kentch (04-12-2008)

dislodged dead boule line   Jan Blackmore (28-06-2008)

Cochonnet toss and rules   Jean-Christophe LOOMIS (24-05-2008)

Drawing the circle after dead jack   Gary Jones (10-05-2008)

Playing Indoos   Victoria Crowley (07-05-2008)

Article 37 – Incorrect Behaviour,   Don Nairn (27-02-2008)

2nd boule played although 1st one made it   dirk J (21-02-2008)

Marked Terrain?   Don Nairn (12-02-2008)

Substituting players   Greg Mettam (09-01-2008)

Throwing Boule   Jon Thackray (02-12-2007)

Cochonet not visible after last ball in game   Florian Knispel (29-10-2007)

boules picked up before completion of end   Joe Martin (20-09-2007)

Boules in Hand Rule   F. William Baker (10-05-2007)

A creative way to cheat?   Dave Smith (23-12-2012)

point is shot out, no boules remain on court   Joe Martin (04-04-2007)

Art.16   John-Paul Ernst (13-02-2007)

Art. 10   John-PAul Ernst (12-02-2007)

Boule crossing other lanes   Gary Jones (14-11-2006)

New Rules   Gary Jones (13-11-2006)

Hands touching the ground.   lou han (17-10-2006)

Playing distance   lou han (08-10-2006)

Marking the position   Gary Jones (29-09-2006)

Circle removal   Colin Stewart (27-09-2006)

Who´s to play   otto Thorgaard (09-08-2006)

Moving the circle   Gary Jones (04-08-2006)

Social Rules?   Don Nairn (24-05-2006)

Article 5   otto Thorgaard (12-03-2006)

Article 5   otto Thorgaard (06-03-2006)

What is the meaning of “boule shot”?   guy therrien (23-02-2006)

Disability   Tony Irvine (17-02-2006)

Part 1 of a possible scenario   guy therrien (11-02-2006)

Disability?   Don Nairn (31-01-2006)

Broken boule   Don Nairn (29-01-2006)

terrain   daniel bayet (22-01-2006)

rules   Bruce Frigard (09-12-2005)

rules!   Michael lacase (07-12-2005)

Rules article7 item 4   Warren Barrett (02-12-2005)

placing boules on ground   anton wieland (09-09-2005)

rules - replacement players   Denys Taylor (05-07-2005)

terrain topping   Ellinor R. Mitchell (27-06-2005)

Dead Spots   Loi Nguyen (21-06-2005)

video   aiio ***** (08-06-2005)

raking   nadine simpson (30-05-2005)

filling or not filling   Nadine Simpson (18-05-2005)

Petanque Video   Jeffrey Widen (04-05-2005)

Filling holes on terrain   Gary Jones (03-05-2005)

spirit of the game   Ellinor R. Mitchell (15-03-2005)

measuring   Nadine Simpson (12-03-2005)

measuring   Nadine Simpson (12-03-2005)

But we're only playiing a social game..   Andy Gilbert (11-03-2005)

Pause during a game   Andrei Korolev (24-02-2005)

Pause during a game   Andrei Korolev (24-02-2005)

Invalid Circle   Michael Emerson (13-02-2005)

Boule hit twice on the same play   guy therrien (09-01-2005)

adding new player   J. Tupper (13-12-2004)

Interpretation of Rules   Barbara Randall (06-12-2004)

interpretation of rules   Warren Barrett (03-12-2004)

new york city play   Ellinor R. Mitchell (16-11-2004)

Multiple Dead Boules   Jac Verheul (26-10-2004)

At the finish of an end   Guy Therrien (16-10-2004)

rules   Ford Van Roof Raak (21-09-2004)

Boule In Hand Rule   Jeffrey Widen (11-08-2004)

Position of the Circle   Michael Emerson (31-07-2004)

feet inside circle (article 6)   michael b (02-05-2004)

Throwing Boules Contrary to the Rules   Guy Therrien (24-01-2004)

petanque in italy?   stephen meadowcroft (02-08-2003)

Team Members foot hit.   Keith Sloan (25-07-2003)

Huh????   Nadav Shtilman (22-04-2003)

Revised FIPJP Rules   guy therrien (04-04-2003)

Article 5   guy therrien (25-10-2002)

Dopingpolicy   Hans Lindblom (22-09-2002)

change in rule 9   guy therrien (29-08-2002)

3 in a row   louis maniscalco (04-05-2002)

Correct or not   Vernon Walker (01-04-2002)

Marked pistes   Vernon Walker (31-03-2002)

Can you refuse to measure?   guy therrien (08-03-2002)

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