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Searching the forums by date, thread, contributor, etc.   Stig Bordsenius (06-08-2012)

where I can get groups play petanque in dubai ?   Djillali RALEM (07-11-2011)

Feedback   Helmut Scholz (26-08-2010)

search   Richard Starkey (22-07-2010)

Petanque in UAE   Ray Bond (20-01-2009)

Feedback   Chris Kierner (07-07-2008)

Flickr ideas   Stig bordsenius (13-05-2008)

is petanque televised?   Graeme Kirkham (19-12-2007)

is Petanque televised?   Eric Breiby (18-12-2007)

RSS   Tom Jud (23-04-2007)

exile   Ellinor Mitchell (19-02-2007)

Bocce picture?   Don Nairn (13-07-2006)

Display dates on Blog and Forum   M S (24-05-2006)

GREAT addition!   Joe Zajac (03-04-2006)

changed forums   Don Nairn (08-03-2006)

Beginner   otto Thorgaard (26-02-2006)

petanque   zishane vally (26-12-2005)

Basic rules   phil WATTS (12-12-2005)

Building up a petanque club in Abu Dhabi, UAE   Barry Green (05-12-2005)

Shooter or Pointer?   Barbara Randall (20-06-2005)

Looking for partners in Dubai   molatte marc (19-05-2005)

Kudos to you!   Lisa Vaughan (14-05-2005)

EXCELLENT WEBSITE   Jeffrey Widen (27-08-2004)

Clubs in the Brighton Are   Brenda Mountford (11-08-2004)

?   Thomas Donnovan (10-08-2004)

your petanque site   J. Chu (10-08-2004)

Boules   Jamie Hartles (03-08-2004)

Question   Marco Ripani (01-08-2004)

El Paso Petanque Club   Amanda Kemp (25-05-2004)

location   Ellinor R. Mitchell (16-11-2003)

Concern   Irene Frances (15-05-2003)

6-10 metres   Keith Sloan (30-04-2003)

spelling   Guy Turcotte (28-04-2003)

thumbs up from richmond, va, usa!   dan hunter (15-04-2003)


Contribution   Daniel MORENO (17-02-2003)

Marco foyot suspended   Mikko Soikkeli (27-01-2003)

access   Yvon Raymond (26-01-2003)

Unsubscribe   Mike Venter (17-12-2002)

Getting Started   Billy Sirk (08-12-2002)

Indoor Boules Court   John and judy Huggins (21-11-2002)

looking for players   Scott Cavanah (20-09-2002)

building a court   Scott Cavanah (20-09-2002)

More News, Please!   ray ager (15-09-2002)

Boule in South Africa   Rocky Reeder (04-09-2002)

great for the sport   peter williams (25-07-2002)

great article   Joe Martin (11-06-2002)

Rocks   Doug Slater (08-06-2002)

to engage with a canadian club   hamid oudjana mohamed (19-05-2002)

Postcard #36   Joe Pillitteri (14-05-2002)

Beginners   Kim Jacobs (20-04-2002)

Measurements for petanque playing area   Rebecca Graves (26-03-2002)

correct data - for webmaster   Pavel Konecny (26-03-2002)

vocabulary   Maureen Curran-Dorsano (13-03-2002)

Player Database   Vernon Walker (15-02-2002)

Appreciation   Roland SIOUFFI (14-02-2002)

clubs in manchester area   selwyn forster (07-02-2002)

Being up to date   Anya Caliebe (31-01-2002)

Visiting Members   Keith Sloan (11-01-2002)

modification   Amiel Cordoba (26-12-2001)

Rules   Veiko Proos (05-11-2001)

extrait vidéo   martin vézina (07-10-2001)

Olympics!!!!   Geoffrey Staunton (07-10-2001)

FAO Stig   Ray Ager (07-10-2001)

rules   Geoff Crumblin (30-09-2001)

Re:Mr (French Team for the WCs)   Charles Clarke (12-08-2001)

Re: (Mr) French Team for the WC   Charles Clarke (12-08-2001)

(Mr)   Charles Clarke (11-08-2001)

Provence: thanks   Ray Ager (09-08-2001)

Mr   Tim Gibson (09-08-2001)

Mr   BRUCE CARTE (22-07-2001)

landscape architect   Arlette Stein (03-07-2001)

Few nice .. and not only .. words   Marek Stachowski (17-06-2001)

postcards   Landrieu Michel (11-06-2001)

Pétanque fields around the world   Mikko Soikkeli (21-05-2001)

Need measurements!   Hanna Bernard (25-04-2001)

Petanque Court (construction)   Mark Barrett (16-04-2001)

Mr   Martyn Fribbens (09-04-2001)

Rules for competition tirer'   Jef van den Berg (18-11-2000)

Mr.   Martin Coombs (23-10-2000)

More forums?   Andreas Owre (03-07-2000)

Forums vs email groups   ray ager (02-07-2000)

Old rules in english?   Jim Fowler (27-06-2000)

technique training?   Bjørn (26-06-2000)

Give it to us!   stig bordsenius (23-06-2000)

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