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This is an attempt at making a good faq for the game of petanque. All questions that are directly related to the game and it's basic rules should be included here. The questions and answers are meant for beginners - so please keep it easy to understand for non-players.

boules de petanque ktk   amy liu (27-01-2015)

distance from circle till jack after first end?   ivars dzenitis (04-07-2013)

Guernsey Business League   Dave Bartram (25-11-2011)

underhand throwing   ray ottley (16-07-2011)

Petanque Training Videos   Anders Gerestrand (27-11-2012)

Boules in the Black Country   Rob O'Dell (31-03-2011)

terrain on concrete   Fraser White (21-08-2010)

Dropping the boule   Jose Gutierrez (13-10-2008)

Format of play in a tournament.   Lou Han (21-07-2007)

shooting   Thomas Dickson (04-07-2007)

Shooting Competition   Gerhard Dauth (16-01-2007)

shooting competition   F. William Baker (15-11-2006)

Shooting competition   lou han (11-10-2006)

Playing with either hand   Jose Gutierrez (04-10-2006)

Why squat?   Dave Lang (21-07-2006)

Shooting (training program)   Jef van den Berg (02-04-2005)

Position of feet when throwing.   Carolyn Brinsmead (06-11-2004)

Playing every boule   Martha Pickering (31-07-2004)

Death by Petanque   Andy "Medicine Woman" Quinn (21-07-2004)

scoring for petanque   Barbara Micklewright (14-07-2004)

bocce blocks not balls????   Bruce G (21-05-2004)

If team mistakenly agrees on closest boule, is it binding?   Joe Martin (20-05-2004)

Delivering the boule   Ken Bethell (03-11-2003)

original world championship   Ellinor R. Mitchell (16-07-2003)

Multi-colored boules   Stig Bordsenius (09-06-2003)

Boules vs. Petanque   FAQ User (29-09-2001)

Does terrain dictate pointing style?   Joe Martin (20-09-2001)

Boules VS Bocce   Adam Jahiel (17-08-2001)

shooting: high or low?   Loi Nguyen (14-08-2001)

is petanque a sport ?   faq (29-10-2000)

which is the more skilful, shooting or pointing ?   faq (29-10-2000)

should you shoot with your last boule ?   faq (29-10-2000)

2 boules are equal: who plays next/does the 3rd boule count ?   faq (29-10-2000)

does the cochonnet have to be wood?   faq (29-10-2000)

what's the difference between leisure & competition boules ?   faq (29-10-2000)

what's the difference between hard and soft boules ?   faq (29-10-2000)

can you play underarm ?   faq (29-10-2000)

can you play with different boules or must they be the same?   faq (29-10-2000)

can you wear gloves ?   faq (29-10-2000)

what sort of surface can you play on ?   faq (29-10-2000)

How do I build a terrain ?   faq (29-10-2000)

what sort of boules should I buy ?   faq (29-10-2000)

can 3 people play ?   faq (29-10-2000)

- how many boules do you need ?   faq (29-10-2000)

what are the rules?   faq (29-10-2000)

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