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Shame on the cheap Dutchmen!

Posted by: H Jensen) at 2008-07-09 09:52:03
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What a sad situation for the world of petanque.

I hope some other country will stand up and show the cheap dutchmen how
to do it!

I live in the Netherland and this is unfortunatly NOT a suprise to me that it have come this far... I was looking forward to this event, but they all get the short alligator arms when the subject of money arises.

Shame on the cheap Dutchmen!

Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2008-07-09 13:06:25
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Shame on the Dutchmen? Why? I think this post needs some background.

In all fairness, frugal types are actually wise when it comes to watching their money.

Is this in relation to a failed Petanque event?

Shame on the cheap Dutchmen - OOPS on my reply

Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2008-07-10 03:14:05
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Oops. My reply earlier, as to why someone was hard on the Dutch, now has an answer. He was merely upset regarding the Petanque Championships and how the Dutch cancelled.

Makes sense to be upset.

Helps if I read all the forum posts before responding to someone's writing to get an answer.


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