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Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2008-07-10 03:02:19
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Greetings folks,

I've seen it advertised frequently here in this site's advertisement boxes. Pastis! Not to mention in this site's survey.

Has anyone enjoyed Pastis? While I'm not a regular drinker, I do enjoy a nice glass of wine.

What's it like? "Shaken, not stirred."



Posted by: Mark W) at 2008-07-17 06:51:20
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Most commonly known in the UK by brand name Pernod.
Aniseed flavoured liqueur. It's good with 50% water
but is OK neat too.



Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2008-07-17 13:12:24
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Ah. Understood. In the UK it's well known as Pernod, thanks. Aniseed, the word, simply brings to mind a distinct flavor and aroma. Must be quite a fun drink to have while doing a round of Petanque, no pun intended.



Posted by: Tony Andersson) at 2009-04-20 20:24:04
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Pastis is really the drink of goods.

In france it comes in many brands Richard and Pernod probably the most common, Personally I prefer Richard. It is served in the refreshment area at almost every Petanque tournament I've been to.

It has a taste that is very hard define but there is definately some liqourice involved.

I should also add that if you have any plans on going far in the tournament this drink should be enjoyed sparsely



Posted by: Jeff Widen) at 2009-04-21 14:44:46
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I think you prefer "Ricard" not "Richard" - though, well, if you do prefer Richard, there's nothing wrong with that... (heh heh)

Today it is the Pernod Ricard company:

The Pernod company has been in business for years, back in the late 18th century they made absinthe... pastis

The Ricard company was founded in 1930's Marseilles (where lots and lots of petanque is played)

...and so pastis (Ricard brand) is a boule favorite...


Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2009-05-25 23:44:28
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May 25, 2009

ha! I will especially remember that word of advice Tony: enjoy Ricard/Richard Pastis sparingly.

If one takes to Pastis too much during a tournament, I can see it now (creative fiction follows): "And the defending champ, Jacque de Boule, is preparing to begin the defense of his crown after dominating the field last summer! It looks like he's havin' trouble keeping his balance mates in the circle. Odd. Any word on what is the matter?! Oh My Oh My, there goes the boule into the crowd! Call the medics folks ..that was a real "doozer" of a toss. Not like him to be so off-target." Oh well, I think his challenger will have smooth sailin' from here on out folks."

Okay, enough of my fictional shenanigans.

Eric B. in Alaska

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