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2009 the world game competition arena

Posted by: dan cho) at 2008-08-27 10:06:32
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I heard some people ask about 2009 the world game competition arena.

I have an important news for people who want to find outwhere the competition arena is.

Thanks to the kuang-hua Primary School principal whose name is cho.

He is the leader of kaohsiung petanque club and hold up many race.

He show those photos for us and welcome foreigner to kaohsiung.

Play picture
competition arena picture
If you want to travel to kaohsiung or play petanque in kaohsiung,

He is the only one you can find for tanque ,raff ,and Lyonnaise .

If anyone want to connect or call him for questins, you can send mails to me.

His mail:


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