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Posted by: john donne) at 2008-09-14 07:58:37
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as i heard, world champs in netherland was cancelled mainly because the new petanque hall simply was not and will not be built. (for the same reason juniors champs were moved from maastricht to cozy, but way too small hall in neuwegein).
as for money - yes, money talks. i agree each country should pay or at least participate on expenses like hotels (as they pay for their flight tickets). however, let me remind you every federation pay hundreds of euros to fipjp every year - and if federations pay all expenses, what they pay fipjp for?

this year was a real disaster for petanque :-(
1.) juniors wc moved to neuwegein.
2.) announcement of possible cancelling of seniors wc in the netherlands.
3.) moving of women wc from china through tunisia, grenoble (france), antalya (turkey) to samsun (turkey). and the last move was announced via small notice on fipjp website only!!! no federation was officially informed by e-mail... some teams even had bought their flight tickets to antalya. after the change they cancelled their participation in wc because they didnīt have budget to buy another tickets...


Posted by: Jac Verheul) at 2008-09-16 14:32:35
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The World Championship 2009 for senior players isn't canceled because the petanque hall wasn't built, but because of a lack of money! On the other hand, the European Youth Championship 2008 (and not the World Youth Championship!) is moved to Nieuwegein in the centre of The Netherlands because the renovation of the new petanque hall in Maastricht in the southern of the country wouldn't be finished in time. By the way, the European Youth Championship in Nieuwegein was a great succes!

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