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Team Turns

Posted by: Douglas Fayers) at 2008-10-04 13:54:15
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Hi guys, I've been playing singles for a while and am clear on the rules there. I'm entering a tournament tomorrow though and will be playing doubles, of whcih the rules are not as clear to me. I read the rules on this site but could not find what I am after.

As players in a team have different roles, bombardier etc, can these players take two turns in a row?

Example (just to make things clearer): I have just thrown the opener of the end. The opposing team then sends my boule flying with theirs, making it my teams go again. As I am better at placing the boule (not hitting others out the way) I want to throw my next boule instead of giving my team-mate the go.

Am I allowed to take two goes in a row if that is what is best for our strategy? Or must we all go in suit??

A speedy reply before tomorrows tourno would be lovely!!!

A massive thank you in advance


Team Turns

Posted by: Jac Verheul) at 2008-10-04 14:11:27
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Players can take two (or even three in a single or double game) turns in a row. In contrary to the English game of bowls! The decision who is going to play, is part of the strategy or the tactics in the game of petanque. This is what petanque makes so interesting! There is always something to reflect or to discuss. But also always depending of the capabilities of the player in the circle!

Team Turns

Posted by: Douglas Fayers) at 2008-10-04 14:53:39
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Ah that is fantastic news! Petanque is truly one of the greats. Thanks for the info and speedy reply.

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