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Putting Left/Right "English" on a boule

Posted by: Jeff Widen) at 2008-10-21 07:49:38
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Recently a fellow club member was trying to put a hook into his pointing throw. But the palm motion looked awkward and I'd like to hear your opinion on whether it was a good throwing style:

[I apologize in advance, the following descriptions of arm/wrist movement takes some visualization]

Player-A is right-handed. He attempted to point into a position (which was all blocked up on the right side) by trying to point on the left side and then to give his boule a right hook which would twist his boule in the end rightwards.

Normally, I'd see only a left handed player be able to execute a right-hook because the right-sidewards-motion of the lefthand is smoothly executed.

Likewise, the right handed player can execute a left-hook for the same reasons...

I attribute this logic to the way the elbow of the arm moves (inward) and as such, the sidewards spin of a boule is directly related to the elbow joint's range of motion.


Alternatively, in order to give a sideways spin contrary to the normal arc of the elbow joint, I could imagine you'd start your throw with the boule almost at your chest, flung outwards, imparting the "opposing sidespin" and resultant release at the arms full frontal extension.

Putting Left/Right

Posted by: Gary Jones) at 2008-10-21 09:38:07
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While I'm certainly no expert, I have had some success with pointing curves both right-to-left and left-to-right depending upon the situation.

I am a right handed player, so in order to curve from right-to-left (the more normal curve for a right hander, as my right arm passes my body and approaches the release point, I rotate my palm vertically so that it causes my palm to face left at release. In other words, 90 degrees from a normal palm-down release.

The resulting toss is a boule spinning clockwise (as viewed from above) when it contacts the ground. Surface friction then curves the boule to the left when ground contact is made.

Conversely, a rotation of one's palm to the right (as near 90 degrees as physically possible in this unnatural direction) will impart counter-clockwise spin and curve to the right upon ground contact. It's like a baseball pitcher's screwball as opposed to his curveball.

It's a lot of fun trying and very impressive to your opponents when it actually works! Very few players in our circle attempt the "backwards curve", as my wife calls it, but it can be extremely useful at times.

Putting Left/Right

Posted by: Jeff Widen) at 2008-10-21 19:09:39
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Thanks Gary,

I was cautioning anew player against taking this route (the unnatural backwards curve) until he perfected some basic stuff like the plombe...

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