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La Provençale

Posted by: J-C LOOMIS) at 2009-06-09 12:21:26
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I am a petanque player and I am increasingly curious about La Provencale. Perhaps this is the wrong forum. If so, could you recommend one as I haven't found much on the internet in french or in english. (Petanque710 has very little on La Provencale).

Does one shoot as in petanque or does one shoot palm facing up?
Which particular balls are recommended and in what size and weight please?
I realize that CX COU and OBUT ATX are good choices due to their quality control regarding balance. What about others which are less expensive such as JBXX or JBXXX or? I have also read that given the longer distance, a larger ball than what one might be using in petanque could be preferable. (Currently I use X COU in a 76/700).
Thank you for your advice.

La Provençale

Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2009-06-09 13:28:08
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June 9, 2009

GREAT question. I have not the slightest clue what 'La Provencale' is. If my modest grammatical skills don't fail me, is that not French for 'The Province'?

Question: Is this a version of Petanque?
Question: you also noted that 'La Provencale' has a longer distance ~~ How much longer is the perameters of a 'La Provencale' playing surface?

Eric B.

La Provençale

Posted by: J-C LOOMIS) at 2009-06-09 13:56:44
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Hello Eric,
Le jeu Provençal et still played in parts of France and is the game from which Pétanque originated. It's played on a any terrain as well but the distance is 15-20 meters rather than the 6-10. The player must step with one foot out of the circle while retaining one foot in the circle, to point. To shoot, the player begins with one foot in the circle and takes three steps forwards. The ball is released before the foot comes down for the fourth step. At least this is how I understand it.
Pétanque came to be when an individual suffering from arthritic pains could no longer participate in le jeu Provençal or La Provençale and Jean Le Blanc proposed a simplified version. (Note, this is the gist of what I remember reading over the years and may or may not be accurate).
You can find the official rules of both games at the web site for the French federation:
However, my questions still stand :)
(The choice of balls are different in part due to the longer distance that quickly shows whether your petanque balls are not perfectly balanced. They apparently stray from a straight line on longer throws on fine courts. Bigger balls roll easier as well.
I'm looking forward to giving it a try.
If you're interested, in your postcard section there are a few water colors of players showing their skills at La Provençale, (their legs are far apart).

La Provençale

Posted by: Eric Breiby) at 2009-06-09 14:23:24
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thanks for the prompt reply. Understood:
Petanque, the modern version, is played on a 6 to 10 meter area versus Provencal is using a 15 to 20 meter area.

I hope someone here can answer your questions about what size boule to use.

Follow-up question:
I own some Obut boules which are GREAT! They react very well to the terrain even if the terrain where we play is not perfectly flat. [Note: we play in Alaska so we are not able to play on beautifully flat, red clay courts as can be found in France.] BUT they do not appear to be unbalanced.
• Any Obut users here who can attest to their Obut boules being unbalanced?

Additionally, not once have I noticed any of the boules being unbalanced by veering off course after a throw that I've executed.

I'd encourage you to use/buy an Obut boule for your provencale version. You'd be quite pleased.

PLEASE, an Obut member here at this site should address this as I'm not qualified, rather I'm just a pleased customer with only my past experiences with the Obut brand.

La Provençale

Posted by: Gwyn Jones) at 2009-07-21 10:11:06
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Hi there - the movie "My Father's Glory" ("La Gloire do Mon Pere") features a scene of the main charaters playing La Provencale. You'll see the main differneces pretty quickly. It's not a bad movie either.

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