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Petanque in Lille France

Posted by: Dan Hinman) at 2010-03-16 03:40:31
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I am living in Lille, France for a few months and have always wanted to try petanque. I speak no french and have no idea where to find people who play. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most appreciative. I searched the clubs page but since I don't read French it didn't help.

Petanque in Lille France

Posted by: Ray Ager) at 2010-03-16 04:11:10
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If you Google 'Petanque Lille' you'll find several clubs. However, I think you'll find it hard going if you don't speak much French.

Suggest you read the rules in English first.

Let's us know how you get on.

Bon courage!


Petanque in Lille France

Posted by: jean-Pierre Marne) at 2010-03-16 06:37:33
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Google will give you the adresses you need....there is a well-known club avenue Victor Hugo where you'll play "indoor"

the key-word to use is "boulodrome"

of course speaking French would help would not be enough as petanque-players have their own "slang"

do not worry too much, petanque clubs are always homelike and there will be someone to welcome and teach you.

I'm a belgian player (Lille is just at the belgian border) since 1973 and I'll be pleased to give you any advice you'll request

by the way: you'll have to buy "boules"......don't buy anything before knowing what you really need.

prices range from 5 (cheap chinese-made balls) up to 250 (or more!)

you won't play better with expensive balls. just choose the right size and weight

I hope you'll forgive my bad English, If you have any question: just ask

regards: JP

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