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Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Travis Cready) at 2010-06-15 02:45:33
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Hello all, I am looking to build a terrain and was hoping I could get a little advice. I would like to construct a serviceable terrain on top of a well drained asphalt parking lot. I am in Ohio and expect that we would play 1 to 2 times per week on it.

Would I be able to just put a topper over the court and use the asphalt as a base? I need to do this as easily and cheaply as possible, while still ending up with a decent terrain.

Thank you for any advice offered!


Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Ray Ager) at 2010-06-18 14:29:33
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Hi Travis,

Yes, do exactly what you say, put a topper on it. We've just built a temporary terrain on tarmac in Preston Park, Brighton, UK. Very simple: 10 x 25kg bags on fine gravel, 6 x 25kg bags of sharp sand, 1 bag of slightly larger stones, 5-10mm on top. Plays very well.

Most of the terrains in La Masrseillais - one of France's biggest tournaments - are played on the roads in the park which have been given a covering of gravel.

In the UK, one of our biggest competitions, Brean Sands, is played on a car park which has a gravel coating added.

If you want an 'easy' terrain, only use finer gravel, if you want a more interesting terrain, add a few more larger stones.



Ray Ager

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Daniel Smith) at 2010-06-24 10:47:04
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They do it in Brooklyn every year for a big tournament. Watch this video. It isn't instructive but shows it being done. The terrain begins being laid about 1 minute in.

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Justin Johns) at 2011-06-15 11:23:17
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Where in Ohio are you playing?
We built a court in Zanesfield, Ohio (a hour west of Columbus)
Looking for new players to come play & looking to travel also.

Zanesfield Petanque!/pages/Zanesfield-Petanque/215805908434321

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Peter MacF) at 2014-04-10 05:42:50
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top of the morning.....another thing you might consider is using a single piece of astro-turf or a tough carpet....surround it with some 6x6" timbers linked together....this would be a very portable set up....when done, you just roll it up and stack the wood............

go well...

Peter M

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Jeff Widen) at 2010-06-29 16:38:01
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Regarding the courts prepared in Brooklyn, NY for the Bastille Day tournament - keep in mind, these courts are simply sand poured atop asphalt which produces a "workable" surface - but ultimately, sand is just too soft for pointing - with deep patchs that bury a boule and thin patches that just have the boule bouncing upon the asphalt.

Probably, you can made a "walled box of trian ties, and then fill it with a layer of sand - tamped down, then followed by the pea-gravel. This is to allow for drainage, and a semi-firm rolling surface.

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: David Smith) at 2011-06-16 05:36:41
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Going off on a tangent here, would this work if you only had a grassy area to work with?

Take of the top layer of grass with something like a turf cutter. Sell off the turf to help fund the project (or give it away). Use a vibration plate to compress the earth, then lay sharp sand and shingle, compress again then finish with a sprinkling of sand and lightly rake.

The only problem might be lack of drainage but I aim to try it out anyway. If it got played on enough, weeds should only appear around the edges. These could easily be pulled out due to the sandy base.

Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: Ray Ager) at 2011-06-16 12:33:57
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Hi Dave,

I would just say, keep in mind the following:

Are you building a temporary or permanent terrain? If permanent, you might want to put a membrane down to stop the weeds. Alternatively, be prepared for a bit more work gardening, to keep the weeds at bay.

You want to try and get a nice, firm base, i.e. well compacted, i.e. not too loose and bouncy.

Hope it works out well for you.



Terrain construction on asphalt

Posted by: David Smith) at 2011-06-16 15:09:20
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Thanks Ray,

I agree that compaction is the key here. I have been involved in three others, one of them I built on my own and nearly broke my back lifting the vibrating plate out of the boot of the car.

Just need somewhere to build another but didn't want to mess about with hard core.

Dave S.

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