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This is a general discussion forum about petanque. All issues may be discussed here.

Rule Clarification

Posted by: Travis Cready) at 2010-09-24 13:42:28
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Hello, as a recent petanque convert, I have run into a situation that I am unsure of. I threw a boule that hit a dog running across the court. This occurred about 2 feet past the jack, and was still in motion when kicked by said dog.

We all assumed this would be a re-throw, but now that I am looking at the "official" rule I am not so sure. The rule reads,

"Once thrown a boule may not be replayed: except that it must be replayed if it has been stopped or diverted accidentally from its course between the circle and the jack by a boule or jack coming from another game; or by an animal or any other moving object "

This seems to suggest that it is only re-thown if the boule is between the "circle and the jack", and since at the time of contact it was a couple feet past, it would not get re-thrown.

Is anyone able to enlighten me? Thank you!

Rule Clarification

Posted by: nadine simpson) at 2010-09-24 23:22:34
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forget the rules is the dog alright lol

Rule Clarification

Posted by: Fraser White) at 2010-09-25 09:08:04
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Here in Cheshire, local rules dictate that if a dog runs onto the terrain, and interferes with a game, it gets put down.

Rule Clarification

Posted by: Peter Beresford) at 2010-10-03 10:45:29
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Same should apply to children and tourists :)

With regard to the rules, I don't know the right answer, but, if I were in a 'proper' competition, I'd call the umpire. If it were a 'local' or social game I'd probably agree with the opponents to either rethrow it, or leave it where it stops (Art 19, first paragraph - although the dog would have to be classed as a spectator for this!).

Rule Clarification

Posted by: Guy Therrien) at 2011-08-20 15:54:48
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And if the boule is stopped at ten feet pass the jack, would you suggest the boule to be replayed?

That the boule was stopped past the jack already gave a break to the player who threw it.

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