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Petanque in Thailand / BKK

Posted by: Ray Bond) at 2010-11-15 01:52:43
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I am in BKK now november 2010 and looking to play some games of Petanque. Who can i contact? I have found a club at Pattaya but too far to go for a game each day.

Petanque in Thailand / BKK

Posted by: Komson Chanprapan) at 2010-11-21 00:57:49
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Chulalongkorn University have a petanque club. Which part are you in BKK anyway?

Petanque in Thailand / BKK

Posted by: Jostein Setsaas) at 2010-11-21 12:14:53
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If a group of minimum 10 persons, we should have sent our mini buss, in order to pick them up. Thailand has a lot of student & millitary clubs. If up north, even foreigners will find a place to play, and in most villages.
Takin a look at, it is only one International Club listed under Thailand, Petanque.Th , and in Pattaya. Our two fixed days a week, Wednesday & Saturday from 16 h. PM and until midnight. This said, the court is oppen for free, including bals, and for all who likes to play.- Can it be simpler than that? (Sorry, you have to pay for Soda, or beer!)

Petanque in Thailand / BKK

Posted by: Jerrill Bang-Afoe) at 2010-12-19 22:17:37
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Hello Mr. J. Setsaas,

I am responding to your post hoping you are living in Thailand at this moment. I live in the netherlands.
I am visiting Thailand in the entire period march and april 2011 and was hoping to play Petanque over there. I was wondering if you know wer i could find a list of Petanque clubs throughout the whole of Thailand. Can you help me with this or point me out some website's. my other request is wheter you know were to buy the Thai made /brand " La Franc " boules in Bangkok. i know there produced by FBT but can't find any webshops on their website. I hope you can be of some assitance and foresee your response.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. J.Bang-Afoe

Petanque in Thailand / BKK

Posted by: Tom Mac) at 2011-03-27 16:40:37
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When I was in BKK,I caught a Sky Train on Sunday to the station on this side of the Chou Pry river, where you catch the tourist ferries.

On one side of the station looking down towards a car park, I noticed a bunch of people playing Boules so I wandered over. The Thai guys saw that I was interested, so I was invited to play. They are good so don't underestimate them.

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