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Rare shot?

Posted by: Dave Smith) at 2011-09-06 03:30:01
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Recently played on a very unpredictable terrain with lots of rubble showing through. Lost all five games but I played what I think was the 'shot of the day'.

Wasn't doing very well with my normal throw so resorted to very high lobs. Pointed in with one of these and got the landing spot wrong. It came down to hit the jack and sent in flying in the opposite direction, toward me! It went out of play and hit the wall at the back.

Anyone seen this happen before?

Rare shot?

Posted by: Jim Bren) at 2011-10-07 22:03:14
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I play petanque in France each year and although uncommon I see the same thing happen perhaps half a dozen times a year. I have done it myself once. It is just the way the jack is hit - obviously right at the back and it sqeezes the jack in the other direction. Sometimes it only travels a metre but other times a lot further.
It looks spectacular when it happens though.

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