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The New Petanque

Posted by: BOULAY Jean-Yves) at 2011-12-26 16:46:41
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Hello, allow me to introduce the new game of Petanque whose I'm the creator : The new Petanque.

The concept is simply that: each player plays with 3 boules (bowls) of three different values. These three boules are worth 1, 2 and 3 points and the choice to launch the boule is free at all times ....

... The rest of the rules of the game remains almost identical to the traditional Petanque game. However, this new concept changes spectacularly the strategy in the game. This makes this new version of Petanque game more attractive and more fascinating: at each run launch the choice of the played boule, but also those to be drawn, will greatly influence the course of the game! This ability to choose, for each run, the value of the boule and what happens then to the ground boules will also introduce a strong atmosphere of suspense throughout the round. This outstanding suspense will be felt so by both teams either the audience!

You can find all of this new concept on this site: The new Petanque (sorry, just today some pages in English).

You can also click on "I like" (j'aime) on the Facebook page and add some comments (in the language of your choice) on this one.

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