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Success of the New Petanque in Moscow!

Posted by: BOULAY Jean-Yves) at 2012-02-11 13:00:06
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Success of the New Petanque tournament Sunday 01/29 in Moscow (supervised by the Russian Federation of Pétanque)

News about the New Petanque tournament in Moscow (in Russian)

Translation courtesy since French version of Tetyana Juilla via PETANQDUCNAUTE

The first tournament in New Petanque had take place. Club members warmly thank all the participants. Heat, it was because it was so ...!!!, "FRISQUET" in Moscow ...!!!, but nobody froze to death ...!!!
Participants were so numerous that some have played in doublette with a replacement player. The most interesting was the filing of license. Players 'squabbling' to be replaced. No doubt they fear that it would be difficult to play score of 27. At first they were very hesitant about the value of the balls (1 pt), (2 pts), or (3pts). Subsequently all became a little clearer, playing. In my opinion, this NEW PETANQUE play, seems interesting, and quite fast. We still decided to limit time (40 minutes), All. However all parties, ended after 30 minutes to 35 minutes, except one who has reached the time limit. We had to score from 27 to 11, and even "FANNY" 27 to 0. Well ...!!! you impressed?

Once again, a huge THANK YOU to bring, Borisov Lylia the delicious lunch, she has prepared. This time she played, while organizing the meal.
The final was played with the team of BBC WINNER (Vetchinin,Sudnik) against the team LOKOMOTIV (Borisov, Borisov A).Score of 27-0
For the third game of the PIT team, WINNER (Kalinin, cap) against the team CANON (Cooper, Moskva). Score 27-2
The matches were played with no time limit ... 30 minutes maximum

We must honestly say that some people do not join the new PETANQUE, but they were in the minority.

The winners received cash prizes - 100% of collected commitments were divided between them.

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