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proper holding of the boules for throwing

Posted by: Henry Martin) at 2012-08-18 14:21:42
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My question is the following:
Many places where we play insist on holding the boule and throwing with the palm down, while others allow players, (especially seniors with arthritis), to throw the boules with the palm up.
I have tried to find a rule online but nowhere does it specify that the boules must be thrown with the palm down. (Neither Canadian nor American rules).
I am assuming that the "palm down" rule is a house rule at certain places.
Can anyone please clarify on this subject.

Thank you.

proper holding of the boules for throwing

Posted by: Raymond Ager) at 2012-08-18 15:41:59
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I think this is one for the FAQ - I'm sure it's been raised before.

Like most sports, there is no rule for how to throw the boule. If you want to play 'under-hand' you can - you could even bowl 'over-arm' like in cricket, if you wanted to :-)

The reason that everybody plays with the palm facing down is that this allows you to put backspin on the boule and give better control.

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