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This is an attempt at making a good faq for the game of petanque. All questions that are directly related to the game and it's basic rules should be included here. The questions and answers are meant for beginners - so please keep it easy to understand for non-players.

distance from circle till jack after first end?

Posted by: ivars dzenitis) at 2013-07-04 02:36:40
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We have discussions and diferently understood rules between players. The jack after played first end was somewhere in middle of marked terrain. Should first player in next end put circle let playing distance will be minimum 6 meeters and maximum 10 meaters?
Does this mean that maximum distance still to be 10m and 1m should be additionaly to barrier. Terrain is marked, area is 15m x 4m. Other players opinion is that needed is only minnimum 6m and it does not mater if maximum distance is 8m till barier. Is this correct? What is the validity place for jack after first end in marked terrain? Please comment, because we have important tournament next week.
Thank you in advance! Ivars, player from Latvia.

distance from circle till jack after first end?

Posted by: Raymond Ager) at 2013-07-04 03:04:52
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There is a diagram explaining how to mark out competition terrains on the English Pétanque Association website

This has also been discussed on Mike Pegg's Ask the Umpire Facebook page.


::FAQ - Frequently asked question front page
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