New Boules

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2002-03-14

by Ray Ager
New Boules? Are they all that they’re cracked up to be?
If the opponents turn up, proudly bearing a brand new set of boules, which they’ve just bought, thinking the new boules are sure to help them win, you can easily turn this to your advantage.

Firstly, congratulate them on the new set, saying how expensive they must have been – in fact, the more expensive, the better - how much they’re bound to improve their game and casually asking in passing what sort of guarantee they have. At the earilest opportunity, shoot one of their new boules and immediately shout,
- “I am sorry”,
rush up to the boule and say,
- “Did you hear, I think it may have cracked. I do hope that’s covered by the guarantee.”
Of course, nothing of the sort has happened, but you’ve now turned the superior thoughts of the opponents with their new boules to thoughts of anguish and worry, are the boules broken, have they made the right choice, should they continue, etc?

You should then offer them your oldest, most battered set of 3 rusty, odd boules, of vastly different weights and sizes, insisting they play with them,
- “I couldn’t possibly continue the match thinking I might damage those expensive new boules. You paid so much for them. You’ve seen how hard I shoot, I really don’t want to risk another one going. It might just be a bad batch. What rotten luck.”
Take the new boules off them and give them your rusty old set to continue the game. If they’re not so fed up they want to call it a day and rush straight back to the shop where they bought them from, you should have an easy game.

Practise Makes Perfect
As well as developing any boules techniques you may have or aspire to have, remember that, played well and at just the right moment, Boules-Upmanship can win you just as many points, perhaps even more. Get practicisng.

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