Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!Full story

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happenFull story

Top rated petanque postcards from our collection:

PEC_LCSP7203.jpg - click for full sizeMireille_8_Sanary.jpg - click for full sizeAmCartAnjou_4_sable.jpg - click for full sizeEstel_549S.jpg - click for full sizePEC_6283.jpg - click for full size

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire.
"It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"Full story

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!Full story

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?Full story

The most famous petanque-song: "Une partie de Petanque"

Petanque America Open is just around the corner

Remember the petanqueamerica open this coming week! An assortment of petanque- celebrities and a lot of teams from all over the world are coming. So why don't you join the party too?Full story

Club-database fixed

Unfortunately we had a "bug" in the clubs database that made new entries impossible. This has been fixed now, so if you have tried to register your club previously but it did not work, this is the time to try again.Full story

Thailand win their sixth womens world championship

Thailand defeated France 13-7 at the women’s Petanque World Championship on Monday in Mendi, France. This is their sixth world title.Full story

Lousiana - a place where petanque is catching on

The petanque club "La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette" put on a gamefor new french-teachers, to make them feel at home.Full story

Everyday Athlete on Playing Petanque

WCSH6 has a good introduction for new players of petanque: "Sometimes getting active can be difficult because of physical limitations, finances or location. But the game of petanque provides a solution to many of those problems. All you need is a few friends, some boules (petanque balls) and you are well on your way to playing!" Full story

A petanque-movie: Les Invincibles

Les Invincibles is a new french movie starring Gerard Depardieu,Virginie Efira, Atmen Kélif, Daniel Prévost, Edouard Baer and it's all about - petanque!Full story

Follow the petanque championships online

In october the european-championships for men and world-championships for women are arranged. And thanks to the internet we can now follow the action live.Full story

Finally the french may manage to invade England.

But not in the traditional way, this time it is with finesse, and of course Petanque. The latest land that has been added to france is a park in Huddersfield.Full story

French petanque Champion Marco Foyot is on tour in the USA

International Petanque Champion Marco Foyot will be visiting a dozen locations across the country where he will conduct clinics on skills of the game of petanque and also compete against local FPUSA club players.Full story

If you are in Borneo, there is a match on the way!

We did not know it was a big sport there, but it seems to be growing! So if any of you avid petanquers are in Borneo, check it out!Full story

Play petanque indoors in London - in a bar

Experience the glamour and opulence of Southern France as you step inside this chic Chancery Lane cocktail bar. To be found in the vaulted cellar of an old auction house, Baranis Bar provides intimate booths and the UK's only indoor petanque court - the perfect London bar for after work drinks or for something a little different in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Full story

French petanque-player in Paris killed by elephant!

Runaway circus elephant kills petanque-playing French pensioner

Security of circus outside Paris under investigation after elephant escapes and strikes 84-year-old man
Full story

Postcard-collection redesigned

Lyon - Tournament of boules (lyonnaise) at the Bellecour squareLe Cap d'Antibes (Alpes-Martimes) - La Garoupe - Boule players near the chapel (water colour by Michel Pelletier)Digne-les-Bains (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)Saint-Jorioz (Haute-Savoie) - Guest house 'Bon Acceuil' - view on the Lake of AnnecyPetanque in Vauvert (Gard) - (drawing by C. Pelet)From the series 'Les p�tanqueurs' by C�dric LucasPoster of the petanque tournament Waz'P�tanque Cup in Wazemmes in May 2003 (Nord)Sports holiday 'in a good shape'! Big kisses!Avignon (Vaucluse) - The fortifications St-Michel (12th century)Gonfaron (Var) - The SquareKhourigba (Morocco) and its petanque championsLa Valette (Var) - The game of boulesBrest (Finist�re) - The Promenade Ajot and the entrance of the CastleVichy (Allier) - The sports performances of YesterdayLa Garde, near Toulon (Var) - Boule players during a tournament
Full story

Petanque-app for android users

FInally there is a petanque-app for the android-users out there. And it is free. The perfect xmas-present perhaps?Full story

Petanque 600 meters underground!

Petanque is played 600 meters undergraound in the polish mines! THis is something you have never seen before!Full story

There is an app for that! - BoulOmetre Petanque

Ever had problems measuring what boule is really the one that has the poin? Do not worry - now there is an app for that!Full story

Petanque-festival in Wrocław

Klub Sportowy „Petanka” Wrocław and Polska Federacja Petanque would like to invite you to Petanque Festival, which is taking place on 19th and 20th of May 2012 in Wrocław. On Saturday 19.05.2012 there is Centrope Cup tournament – triples and on Sunday 20.05.2012 there is Open Championship of Wrocław – doubles.Full story

The ultimate francophile boule-set

If you area true francophile you will need this. OBUT has in their wisdom created a "Tour de France" Boule set. Mais Oui! Full story

Pétanque - The greatest game you never heard of!

Byron Putman discovered petanque some two years ago and fell in love, head over heels. Then decided to analyze every angle of the game, including its development in the USA. He started clubs in Palm Springs, CA and in Lake Oswego, OR. And wrote a book about it, aptly named "Pétanque - The greatest game you never heard of!"Full story

Manifestation 1.000 Boules in the Netherlands

10 shooters, amongst one woman, were present at the finals of the manifestation 1.000 Boules in Nieuwegein (very near to Utrecht in the centre of the country) on Saturday night, the 29th of October 2011. Amongst the players there was also Philippe Quintais, the former French world champion (12 times!) who gave a demonstration at the end of the manifestation, visited by almost 400 spectators. All players had to shoot 100 boules within 10 minutes at a distance of 8 meters.
Full story

Doping Agency Lifts Alcohol Ban for Pétanque

Devotees of pétanque will now be able to enjoy a glass of pastis before a match again: The World Anti-Doping Agency is to remove alcohol from its list of prohibited substances for competitions.Full story

South African pinball petanque

At Parkhurst Petanque in Johannesburg, we developed a new game called Petanque Pinball.Full story

UBK Studios needs your help!

Video embedded in full posting.Full story

Pétanque tournament Documentary on the way

This year's Pétanque tournament in Amelia Island Florida is going to be documented by an independent film production group called UBKStudios. They are a group of low budget independent film makers from Chicago. They first learned about the game while traveling to Cannes France as part of the Cannes Film Festival. The short documentary about Pétanque, "Ludo", won an award for best Cinematography at the Real Ideas Studio Festival.Full story

We know what's on your petanque mind

Every time you look at a webpage, the address of the page is remembered. Forever. And out most visited page in the last couple of months has not been about pastis, petanque, france or anything like that. Apparently you are all very interested in French fashion! And small furry animals..Full story

New book about Petanque

As an outstanding popular game, the game of boules had his hour of glory at the beginning of the 20th century, at the same time as the photographic postcard. Through these amazing and particularly live snapshots, Yves Moreau proposes to depict the history of the game of boules.Full story

Petnaque Forum updated

After 10 years we have made some small changes to the forum. All postings are in one long list. So a full thread may be read without wearing out the button on your mouse. If there are any problems please tell us!
Full story

Micro loans from petanque players.

We have put a new banner on petanque.org, for an organization called kiva. They make it possible for anyone to make a microloan ( a very small loan) to people in need. You do not give the money away, it is a loan. And we would like you to contribute!Full story

Petanque on the moon

Why not on another planet? It is fairly logical, is it not?Full story

Water Petanque

It's been a warm summer. And the french have developed a new petanque - water-petanque! Watch the video and be amazed!Full story

Petanque America Open - Amelia Island - 14 & 15 November 2009

We expect teams from all over the USA and Canada but also hope for teams from overseas. Remember in 2005 it was a French team, Jean-Pierre & Michel, who won.Full story


We want to avoid all rumors at once. Even if the small ball is called "the pig", "le cochonette" - IT IS NOT A SURCE FOR SWINE FLU!

So just keep playing! Just don't play as pigs, it might ruin the game...

BBC on petanque

Finally the BBC has folded: Petanque is the main story on their web page today!Full story

Play petanque with a kiwi and help raise money!

Straight from the press release:
Individuals and companies from as far away as Hertfordshire, UK and companies & individuals from all over the North Island of New Zealand are supporting an initiative to raise money for - and increase awareness of - the Auckland Down Syndrome Association (ADSA) and The New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA).Full story

Watch those holes

Here we have an example of where not to play... from our ever-growing youtube-section.Full story

Womens World Championship in Samsun

The Scottish petanque-federation went to Samsun for the Womens world championship, and has sendt us a report from the event.Full story

Links are being cleaned out

If you try to find your favourite club or petanque website in our links-calogue hotboule and it is not there it is because we have cleaned up a bitFull story

New petanque-product hits the web

Finally some petanque-product news have arrived. It is not often new things appear, boules are quite simple items, and the differences are subtle mostly. But this time it is a completely new productFull story

Gérald at Mondial La Marseillaise a Petanque 2008-08-04

It is 7h30 I have slept only 4 hours and I am one of them. My team number is 207 and we are playing against V.Chavinat game 1581. I go to the games Office, get my playing pack (3 bags, 3 t-shirts , 3 bobs/soft sun hats, 3 chifonettes) and my playing card on which we will have to enter the score at the end of the first round and return it to the same office.Full story

Crazy petanque game soon available

We just got word of a new petanque-game, for all of those of you with a PC. It's called "petank party", and looks quite unique...Full story

Youtube joins petanque.org

We have integrated petanque.org with yet another newcomer to the web, this time it is youtube. So please give us your ideas!Full story

Lyon library - story on Boule lyonnaise

We have received word that we have supplied quite a lot of images to a story by the municipal Library in Lyon, France. And the story is worth a read!Full story

Petanque.org integrates with flickr

Many years ago there was no way of getting your pictures online unless you knew someone with a homepage. Or you mailed them to petanque.org, and we'd put it on the web for you.

But nowadays nobody does this thing anymore, there are thousands of ways to get your images online, and our pictures-section is about as dry as the sahara. So we have had to make some changesFull story

Petanque.org is 10 years old!

This month we celebrated a big number - 10 yearsFull story

Illegal Petanque Exposed

Jimmy Westfield send us his observations:
As a newcomer to the game of petanque from the Santa Barbara area of California, I was advised to become familiar with the rules of the game in order to avoid being cheated by some of the sharks who I’m told take advantage of beginners by imposing questionable interpretations in situations that most always favor their gambit.
Full story

A Petanque calendar for 2008

In collaboration with Hot Club Petanque we bring you the essential Xmas-gift this year: A petanque calendarFull story

Hot club petanqe and Le mondial la marseillaise a petanque 2007

by JC Nowers

This year Hot Club Petanque from London, England played its first international competition at the Mondial la Marseillaise a Petanque in Marseille, France. It was ‘boule’ paradise and I would encourage any bouliste to compete in it at least once.
I picked up on the idea of attending after reading a report featured on Petanque.org last year (I forget who). The ‘all comers’ access and the scale of the event, 12000 players/ 4000 teams on average per year, was a phenomena not to be missed.Full story

Big balls of steel and a tiny wooden one

Journal of a pétanqueteacher in the French Provence. This is an upcoming book, and we are proud to say that we have the first chapter online here at petanque.org for your pleasureFull story

Peterhof Maier cup - play a petanque tournament in Russia!

14 – 15 of July 2007 5 th Petanque International Tournament will take place in Peterhof. This tournament will be the most exciting and thrilling event Russian Petanque Federation is organizing during the year. So why don't you join them? Russia and boules go together almost like pastis and boules!Full story

New link policy

We have started a small projects to clean up our petanque-website directory hotboule. And as a part of this effort we have a very fair demand for all sites that we link: Link to us.Full story

Petanque blog feeds updated

Blogger. com made some changes to their system, and this changed all the urls for the feeds. As a result of this we have not been able to get updated blog-content here. Full story

Petanque in the Ukraine

In Ukraine there started to play petanque in 2003. That year in Zakarpattya - the most western region of Ukraine - the First Transcarpathian Petanque Club, which is the only official club of Ukraine until now, was officially registered. A report by Olexandr Popovych of the UkraineFull story

43'rd petanque world championship

The 43rd WC will be held in Thailand!
Full story

More than 1400 petanque postcards online!

Our very own postcard collector Jac Verheul has broken yet another limit. 1400 petanque postcards are now online here at petanque.org!Full story

“Shall we have a game” – the Sociable petanque Sinner

The seven deadly sins of Petanque - The seventh sin:
- “Shall we play?” asks the sinner.
- “No, let’s practise!” says the winner.

Of course, most petanque players enjoy “having a game”. The danger is that you never practise and develop your game, remaining at a plateau. This is a real danger if you only ever play with the same group of players and always on the same terrain.Full story

The Marbles Players

These are the players who will only play rolling shots on the smoothest, flattest part of the terrain. If there’s a stone, they want to remove it, if there’s more than 1 stone, they want to rake the terrain flat. Why?
Full story

Two sins on Terrain

Finally a double installment of Ray Ager's "Seven deadly sins of Petanque".
Sins 4 & 5 are all about where to play.Full story

Not Reading the petanque Terrain

Seven deadly sins - sin 3:
The sinner: plays without checking the terrain, complains about stones and “bad bounces” and hits blocking boules.

The winner: walks to the jack, examining the terrain, checking for slopes and dips, hard or stony areas, chooses the correct landing spot, takes note of any blocking boules, then wins the point. Winners get far less “bad bounces” than those who don’t check the terrain.Full story

Not Checking the Head – Not Thinking Tactically

Seven deadly sins - sin 2:
This is often related to aspects already touched upon, usually players playing boules in quick succession, without checking the head, which can mean playing out of turn, without discussing with your team how to play and invariably not thinking tactically – how can you if you don’t know the position of the game, who’s holding, who’s got 2nd & 3rd, etc.Full story

How far should you throw the jack?

The Seven Deadly Sins – Are YOU Guilty?

A series in seven parts by Ray Ager
Sinner or Winner? Here’s a test question to see which you are:
Part one:
How far should you throw the jack?
Full story

A small petanque video

A short and pretty amusing video on petanque and the consumation of pastis..Full story

Pool system

Another system has been added to the downloads-section, this time it is a pool system for 6 to 32 teamsFull story

Swiss tournament system Score sheets

We have added the "Swiss tournament system Score sheets" to the download section.Full story

New forum dedicated to petanque in the USA

As we have readers from all over the world, and quite a few of them are only interested in petanque, and not local issues in the USA or any other place we have set up a new forum for petanque in the USA aptly named American Petanque Soapbox.Full story

Do you have a petanque-blog?

We are building a blog-based service here at petanque.org and we need to hear from all of you that have petanque-related blogs.Full story


There has been a lot of traffic in the forum lately, and tempers have been high. Luckily some of the more agressive posters have asked us to remove their postings to avoid more controversy on the FPUSA-discussion.Full story

Boulemuseum Hohenrode

The first petanque-museum in Germany has opened in the small town of Hohenrode, close to the famous town of Hameln.Full story

When in France..

As the saying goes: When in Rome , do as the Romans. So when Tim came for a visit from South Africa there was only one thing he could do.Full story

Postcards galore

If you spend 10 seconds on each of our postcards it will take you close to 4 hours to look at them all! Or do one every day, and finish in about 3.5 years! We have reached 1300 postcards online.Full story

First Australian petanque-book

Australia has a population of 20 million of which there are literally tens of thousands of social boules players with a set of boules in their shed ready to play at the next BBQ or visit to the beach.

‘Pétanque Australia’ is the peak administrative body of pétanque in Australia representing 1,200 registered pétanque players in 47 individual clubs.Full story

The First Petanque America International Open

The First Petanque America International Open was no doubt a success.
Except for a small rainstorm at the end that messed up the planned prize award ceremony, we had two days of wonderful weather and an amazing variety of teams, 72 in total - from 15 US States and 6 countries.Full story

New forum rules

So far we have not had any rules for the forum. But now we have one. It is very simple, and it is the relatively unknown Norwegian "Kardemomme law"Full story

Dave Barry is coming to Florida - are you?

Dave Barry - one of the funniest people in the USA - is headed for the Miami Open petanque tournament. If you have the weekend off, it's time to join him!Full story

Cockle bay petanque club's 10th anniversary

On Sunday 9th October 2005 the Cockle Bay Petanque Club celebrated their 10th anniversary with a tournament held at the Cockle Bay Terrain, 51 players members & ex members from all over Auckland took part, it was the largest group of Petanque players to play at Cockle Bay for some time, and although the weather was not the best everyone had a great time.Full story

World Championships 2005

Quintais' Revenge!! Philippe coaches his old team to victory!
Philippe Quintais retired from International Competition after being defeated last year by the new French team of Rocher, Leboursicaud, Loy and Hureau but he returned as coach of the "second string" France team comprising his old team mates Henri Lacroix and Philippe Suchaud now with Julien Lamour and Simon Cortes to earn a well deserved victory. Full story

An interview with Philippe from Petanque America

We have had a chat with the man behind Petanqueamerica, Philippe Boets. He is in fact a Belgian that lives in France!Full story

Parlons Pétanque – Let’s Talk Petanque!

If you ever play in France, you’ll soon learn that petanque has its own ‘language’, a few words all of its own and lots of expressions about the game.Full story

Guinness world record for the longest petanque marathon set!

Newcastle Australia Petanque Club has just recieved official confirmation that they have been successful in setting a new guinness world record for the longest petanque marathon. The record is 27hours 30minutes by members of Newcastle Petanque Club at the kotara McDonald's restaurant, New South Wales, Australia on 24-25 January 2004.Full story

Content for Coaching section wanted

Due to popular demand we have decided to make a new section here at petanque.org. And it is to be about coaching. If you have any ideas, or know-how, please contribute.Full story

1000 postcards online!!!

When we started our postcard-collection here at petanque.org we were very pleased to have more than 100 cards online. But that was a long time ago, now we have passed the magic number: 1000!Full story


The famous French champion Otello passed away on Wednesday 9 February in his residence Les Taillades near Cavaillon in the French department Vaucluse. The real name of Otello was Robert Trovatelli, but he became famous by his nickname Otello, from Shakespeare indeed.Full story

CD with Marco Foyot

Marco Foyot is often considered as the best player in the world. Now we have a chance to find out how he is at singing, as he has participated on a new petanque CD. An album that will soon be a classic in every boulodrome!Full story

Euro-Cup Rastatt

Something special and a wonderful x-mas present for the boule players in mid europe was to visit the final of the "championsleague", the "EUROCUP" this week-end in Rastatt, Germany (next to Strasbourg).Full story

More video- the german championship for triplets

The german championship triplets 2003 is here - in georgeous video.Full story

Postcard ratings cleaned up - vote now!

Due to a small malfunction we have had all search engines in the world vote for the postcards. In fact 80% of the votes came from google, yahoo, msn and the likes. But this is now cleaned up. Full story

More videos available.

by Jürgen Beling:
I filmed, cut and burned two videos from the finals of the European PetanqueYouth championship in Luxembourg, September 2004. One (Cup of the nations, Luxembourg-Belgique) is abbreviated for half an hour and on SVCD.Full story

World championship results

We Have New Champions! Last years losing finalists go one better to win their 1st title. Rocher, Leboursicaud, Loy and Hureau with a record of P12, W12 and an average of only 3.3 points conceded were outstanding.Full story

More than 800 petanque postcards online

We have passed yet another big number with our postcards collection, this time it is 800. Currently we have 810 postcards online for your enjoyment!Full story

Avignon Celebrity Tournament

Every year, the City of Avignon organizes a Celebrity Tournament, along the Rhône river.
The 16th edition took place on July 10, 2004.
Lots of famous people from show and other business get together for a full day of pétanque, joined by some of the local champions. Full story

Le Gang de Petanque

A few years ago on a previous visit to Marseille, I found a copy of a book Les fadas de le pétanque (“Crazy about petanque”) which tells the purportedly true story of a gang of con artists who swindled players out of millions of ancient francs, playing fixed games for money. The story is also told in volume 2 of Otello’s classic book Les Histoires Humoristiques de la Pétanque.
Full story

A visit at La Boule Bleue

Hard labour! The boules are going one for one in the ovenfire.
Photo: Henk Reesink. Source: magazine petanQue, The Netherlands.

On an industrial zone on the outskirts of Marseille is La Boule Bleue, Marseille’s ‘true’ boules manufacturer. La Boule Bleue remains a family run artisanal business, where boules are still « hand crafted » rather than made on an automated production line. Every 2 to 3 years, manufacturers usually introduce a new boule to their range. Many players just think, “a boule is just a boule” but I’ve always been curious to know how manufacturers set out to improve the performance of their boules.Full story

La Marseillaise

By Ray Ager
I went for the second time to La Marseillaise, France’s biggest petanque tournament with nearly 12,500 players this year. I actually took a last minute decision and went alone, hoping to find two others to make up a team. Having read in Pétanque Magazine that nobody would be turned away this year, I had a slight shock to read in Friday’s edition of the newspaper, La Marseillaise, that entries would close at midday – it was 1pm!Full story

Exam in boules

A big scoop in France: an optional test of pétanque as part of an entrance examination has just been organized in Marseille. Twelve candidates, the half being girls, coming from the whole academy of Aix-Marseille, were tested on Tuesday during three hours on this sport, which is the third of the most practised disciplines in the French department Bouches-du-Rhône behind football and tennis, with 22.000 licensed players.Full story

The First Tournament in St. Petersburg

On the weekend of 10 – 11 of July Russian northern capital will celebrate its anniversary. This year the holidays will pass at the place of the royal residence (Peterhof). On these dates the First International Petanque Tournament in St.Peterburg will take place. This will be the Maier cup tournament.
Full story

More downloads

Jac Verheul - the man with more than 700 petanque postcards in his private collection has scanned some of the cards in a very good quality. This means they may be used as background images on your computer! Full story

Petanque screensaver

We have a screensaver for download here, thanks to a friendly contribution. The screensaver is available for both Mac Os 8/9 ,Mac OS X , and Microsoft Windows! The content is more than 200 of the postcards in our collection , all packed into a screensaver application.

Philippe Quintais online

Philippe Quintais , by many hailed as the best petanque-player in the world , is now online with his very own homepage. The site is maintained by Lionel Zanet, the man behind boulistenaute.comFull story

New section: Video

Due to the fact that petanque is a rapidly growing sport and many new players have never seen experienced players play the game we have made a few short videos of pointing and shooting techniques available online. Among the videos we have a series of pointing , both sitting and standing, a couple of shots, and a perfect carreau.Full story

Do you need a petanque.org domain for your website?

We have set up our technical solution in such a way that we can offer all petanque-sites a petanque.org prefix domain for free, such as california.petanque.org.Full story

Dutch Petanque-CD released

On Monday 15th December for the first time a new CD with thirteen (13!) songs on the game of boules was presented in the Netherlands. In France there are several songs on petanque, but there is not a commercial CD that is completely dedicated to the game of petanque. And we offer one of the songs online here at petanque.org, for all of you to enjoy!Full story

The 1-st International Petanque Tournament in Russia

The first International Petanque Tournament in Russia has finished. It was undoubtedly the most important and thrilling event in the Russian Petanque life so far.Full story

European Championship for Women

The final of the Championship was won by the Spanish team, that beat the French team (13-10). The German women won the bronze medal.Full story

Buy he worlds first Petanque CD

If you own everything - why not buy a dutch cd about petanque?Full story

The first Petanque tournament in Moscow

Finally an exotic tournament for those of you that have played all over France: The tournament will take place on 13 – 14 of December in Luzhniki Sport Complex,Moscow, Russia.Full story

More old pictures added

Our collection of old pictures that accompany the old rules section has been expanded.Full story

Petanque postcard collection grows

Full story

Forum subscription updated

The forum subscription system is once again up and running. If you would like to get all new forum postings in your e-mail - now you have the chance.Full story

North Sea petanque 2003

The Swedish team has won the 24th International North Sea Petanque Tournament (INSPT), which was organized in Breda in The Netherlands from 26 until 28 June. The Swedish players won 44 games, just one more than the Belgian team (43). Full story

New petanque book by Marco Foyot

"Manuel pratique de la pétanque" is a new book by the man that most people seem to agree is the best petanque-player in the world, Marco Foyot.
Full story

Petanque in the streets of Brooklyn

On the 13th of july the streets of Brooklyn will once again be turned into a dozen petanque-courts! Full story

Petanque in Tula, Russia

On the 8-th of June The first Petanque games in the history of Tula were held before the light athletics international competitions. Both professional sportsmen and just numerous enthusiasts gathered to take part. To make it possible for everybody to play Russian Federation of Petanque organized the 3 hours master class, devoted to the technique of tire and point. Full story

Forum gets updated - do not panic

After 3 years we have finally re-made our forum here at petanque.org. This might give some strange results in the coming week as the bugs are removed from the new script.Full story

Update on the Russian Boulodrome

The reconstruction in the Luzniki sport complex is on its final step. The last decorating works are held there now. The coverage of the first bouledrome in Russia turned out to be the outstanding task, but It`was already highly valued by the French educators during the training of 01 . 04 of May.Full story

Celtic Challenge 2003

The annual Celtic Challenge, now in its twelve year, was played in Bangor County Down over the May bank holiday weekend. In very wet conditions the teams from Wales, Scotland and Ireland competed during the Saturday and Sunday.
Full story

First Professional Training in Russia

The may holidays turned out to be quite hard-working days for Russian sportsmen. The training rhythm was given by the best specialists from France: Claude Azema (General Secretary of International Federation of Petanque and Jeu Provancal) and Claude Raluy (President of International Educaqtional Petanque Center), that seemed thrilling and terrible at the same time to most of the players.Full story

60 hours of petanque

Dave, Kurt, Robby & Gert have played non-stop petanque for 60 hours!
Full story

Postcards revisited: 552 cards on line

We have spent a few days here at petanque.org making sure that all the postcards have the correct text, removing doubles and generally cleaning up a bit. The man behind the collection, Jac Verheul , has struck again, and we have now passed 550 cards.Full story

Boules to Niger!

by Jean-Pierre Jardinet
On a trip to Niger in march 2003 I met the president of the Niger Petanque federationin Niamey , Mr Alhassane Abdoulaye. This country has idea lconditions for practising petanque: always sunny, a lot of sandy and story ground. The players are numerous and hold a high level, and they are all very friendly. The only downside is that due to lack of sponsors it is difficult to participate in international championships for most players.
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Marco Foyot un-suspended!

After more than 2 months of suspension marco Foyot, arguably one of the best petanque-players ever , has been given back his licensce from the F.F.P.J.P. It was taken from him after he said that the said that F.F.P.J.P. was not a very democratic or fair organisation, and apparently they have improved.
So now al lMarco has to do is play petanque, and not say much - and he'll be able to play for a long time...Full story

Le Bouliste Enchaîné

We have a brand new french newspaper online here for you – Le Bouliste Enchaîné.

Le Canard Enchaîné is a weekly satirical newspaper published every Wednesday and is very famous in France for bringing up political scams, scandals and discourse on a very wide range of topics in a very satirical way and by using puns (play on words). Politicians are mostly targeted. It’s a very respected newspaper. It is the oldest newspaper in France as it was founded in 1917 to fight military censorship and government brainwashing and propaganda. Finally a version for the petanque-world has emerged, and you can download it. And for those of you that do not read French very well we have a short Eglish explanation.
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Senior games in Gent, Begium

S-Sport, a sporting federation recognized and subsidized by BLOSO (Belgian Gouvernement), will organize in 2003 the first Senior Games for elderly in Europe.
This event will take place in Ghent – Belgium from Tuesday 22nd until Sunday 27th April 2003.

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Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happen

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire. "It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?


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