Rules for the Individual Pointers Competition

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2001-05-22

We now have the rules for individual pointing competition as used by the Western Australian Petanque Association. According to Cornelius Schenkelaars of the Western Australian federation the competition was a big success!

Rules for the Individual Pointers Competition

The Competitor has 32 boules to complete. This to be divided over four different positions.
Each position has four distances to point from- 6.5 m - 7.5 m - 8.5 m - 9.5 m.
(2 boules from each distance) The Competitor has 1 minute to complete each distance.

Position 1 - The Cochonnet is placed in the exact centre of a circle with a diameter of one meter.
This circle is divided into 4 inner circles:
1st innercircle has a diameter of 25 centimeters,
all other innercircles will be 12.5 cm wide
The object is to place your boules as close to the Cochonnet as possible.
Points to be allocated for each boule placed:
in the 1st circle - 10 points
in the 2nd circle - 5 points. In the 3rd circle - 3 points
and in the 4th circle - 1 point.
Boules must be completely over the dividing line to claim the allocated points for the appropiate circle.
However, if the Choconnet is moved by the boule and leaves the 1st innercircle, this shot will be classed as invalid and No points will be allocated for this shot.
The Cochonnet MUST remain in the1st innercircle.
Position 2 - “Playing-up” an object boule.
3 object boules to be placed on the outer perimeter of the circle. 1 boule directly in line with the Cochonnet the other two boules to be placed either side of this boule, 20 centimeters apart.. The object is to “play-up”
an object boule into any of the innercircles.
Points for the “played-up” boule to be allocated as in Position 1.
Position 3 - Pointing through object boules.
1 object boule to be placed on the outer perimeter of the circle, directly in line with the Cochonnet.
2 boules to be placed on the outer-line of the second
innercircle, 45 centimeters apart.
Object: to point your boules as in Position 1.
If any of the object boules is touched by the “Pointing boule” this shot will be classed as invalid and NO points will be allocated. Point scoring as Position 1.

Position 4 - To trail the Cochonnet. The object is to trail the Cochonnet with your “Pointing boule” as far as possible within the circle. Points to be allocated as follows: if the Cochonnet finishes in the 1st innercircle 2 points, 2nd circle 5 points, 3rd circle 10 points, 4th circle 20 points.

If the result ends in a draw, the players will have to point 3 boules at each position at a distance of 7 meters until there is a winner.

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