International "Rüttchen-Toernooi 2001" L'Ammerzo very successful

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2001-08-08

A report from Ammerzoden, The Netherlands - For the first time in its existence Jeu de Boules-union L'Ammerzo from Ammerzoden, The Netherlands has organized a two days international petanque tournament. Due to the financial contribution by Rüttchen Den Bosch, Formido Bouwmarkten Zaltbommel and Transportbedrijf De Hart from Ammerzoden there where great prizes to be won by the players.

The outdoor lanes of Boulodrome L'Ammerzo

On Saturday August 4 a triples tournament was held and on Sunday August 5 a doubles tournament was played. Altogether more than 300 players from Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands visited the boulodrome L'Ammerzo which consists out of 32 outdoor and 16 indoor lanes. There has been some great petanque in Ammerzoden due to the visit of William Vanderbiest (2 times junior world champion), Serge Podor (former number 5 of the world) and the two times Dutch champion Marco van Saane. Funny detail: neither of these 'cracks' made it to the final game!!!

The winners of the triples tournament: Jeremy Pardoen, Joseph Turi, Fabrice Uijtterhoeven together with organizer Corrie van Mil and N.J.B.B. referee Jo Vranken

The finalists of the doubles tournament: in the back the winners Jean-Claude Brohee and Wietse van Keulen, in front Ad Wagenaars en Abi Azouzi.

Results Saturday August 4, 2001 - Triples

Poule A
1 Joseph Turi, Fabrice Uijtterhoeven, Jeremy Pardoen - Joli Bois, Brussel (B)
2 Steven Ielegems, Nico Willems, Johan Verelst - PC Niel, Antwerpen (B)

Poule B
1 Serge Fifi, Kurt Geelen, Frank Geelen - PC Beringen, Beringen (B)
2 Mourad Elsari, Moulay Mansouri, Roy Dekkers - Jeu de Bommel, Zaltbommel/De Valkatties, Nijmegen

Poule C
1 Jan Buhling, Edwin van Mourik, Geert Arends - De Teerling, Tiel/De Ketsers, Huissen
2 Marianne Korsten, Piet Korsten, Piet Blankers - PC Jagershoef, Eindhoven/Amitié, Best

Results Sunday August 5, 2001 - Doubles

Poule A
1 Jean-Claude Brohee, Wietse van Keulen - PC Tertre, Tertre/'t Dupke, Sint Michielsgestel
2 Ad Wagenaars, Abi Azouzi - 't Dupke, Sint Michielsgestel

Poule B
1 Els Maes, Frank Geelen - PC Beringen, Beringen/PC Ittervallei, Opitter (B)
2 Maarten Jaegers, Jenny den Baas - CdP Heerlen, Heerlen/'t Dupke, Sint Michielsgestel

Poule C
1 Chel Jamin, Ad v.d. Oord - L'Ammerzo, Ammerzoden
2 Toos Verlouw, Jan Schapers - L'Ammerzo, Ammerzoden

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