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Here is a Five Part Edition with "Tips and Tricks" to improve your Compition Game. You will find it here in the "German News Section"

Here is a Five Part Edition with "Tips and Tricks" to improve your Game. You will find it here in the "German News Section"
PART 1: Nr. 1.) Play a distance that your Teams Pointer plays the best. When you don't have the first ball in play watch your opponents at which distance they have problems at. Nr. 2.) Chose your Donee (where the ball will land) very thoughly before you throw your first ball. Go out of the circle and look at the point where you want the ball to land. The first ball should never be a test-ball and the first ball is very very important !! Nr.3.) You can always play your second ball with the same feeling when the distance remains as sucessful as the first ball. Nr. 4.)Play as a Team talk with your Partner/Partners about the next ball to be played and decide together your next move in the game. Never play as a Solo Player in a Team, (even when your are the better player.This gives your teammate more convidence. He is trying his best to meet your goal.)
Nr.5.) Do not let spectators or your opponents influence your game, but time to time watch your Coach (in League Compition) that can help your game control.
Nr.6.) Attempt to bring the first ball stright forward either 8 in. in front of the "Jack" or to the right or left of the "Jack". The ball in front of the "Jack" is more dangerous then a ball to the back of the "Jack". Never try to place your ball direct on the "Jack" ("BIBERON"- touching the "Jack".)By placing the ball in front or to the side your opponent offen decides to try and place a better ball, which in most cases dosen't work, and the cost of the attempt is one ball less in the oppenents hand. Such placed balls must be shot away immediatly. So the Shooters balls strenth will be redused. Therefore you need an excellent Shooter in the Team.
Nr.7.) Take your time to play your ball. You have one minute and thats a long time. (Try it out, go in the circle in pratice and let your partner time it, and tell you when the minute is up. You'll be surprised! )Nr. 8. When you have played your ball always return to your partners side. Always remain side by side either as a double or triple. This shows your opponents that you are United (a Team) and not scatered players on the playing field waiting for your turn to play a ball. This is a simple Tip but very important.
Thank you for your visit to "German News" and there will be more to come on this subject and other interesting topics like this one.
For now, "Good Boules",

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