Two sins on Terrain

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2006-07-28

Finally a double installment of Ray Ager's "Seven deadly sins of Petanque".
Sins 4 & 5 are all about where to play.

4. Playing Across Another Game
You have a massive empty terrain with 2 games taking place. Why, oh why, does 1 team always play across the other team’s game?

You won’t get to play on “the great terrain in the sky” if you keep committing this sin!
5. Not Playing “Open” Terrain
Some of these sins are related – and some players are multiple sinners!

You have a large, open terrain but you only play up and down the same area - why?

You have a large, open area but the terrain is strung into narrow 3m wide terrains – why?

The cardinal sin is at competitions, which, as we know, are often stringed off to accommodate the number of teams. What is very sad is when the final is still played on a narrow marked out terrain when everybody else has finished and the rest of the terrain is unused.

In France, the norm is to create a Carré d’Honneur – a showcase terrain with lots of spectators for the final, usually with a minimum size of 16 x 16m

Although the rules state that terrains can be 12 x 4m, they also state that this is a minimum requirement, so if you’ve got a large terrain but not many teams, why not make best use of the available space?

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