2014-07-03 Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!
2014-05-31 Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened
2014-05-15 FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg
2013-12-13 Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!
2013-12-07 Android petanque-game
2013-11-05 The most famous petanque-song: "Une partie de Petanque"
2013-10-25 Petanque America Open is just around the corner
2013-10-12 Club-database fixed
2013-10-08 Thailand win their sixth womens world championship
2013-10-07 Lousiana - a place where petanque is catching on
2013-10-04 Everyday Athlete on Playing Petanque
2013-09-28 A petanque-movie: Les Invincibles
2013-09-26 Follow the petanque championships online
2013-09-22 Finally the french may manage to invade England.
2013-09-20 French petanque Champion Marco Foyot is on tour in the USA
2013-09-14 If you are in Borneo, there is a match on the way!
2013-09-12 Play petanque indoors in London - in a bar
2013-09-10 French petanque-player in Paris killed by elephant!
2013-01-15 Postcard-collection redesigned
2012-12-19 Petanque-app for android users
2012-12-17 Petanque 600 meters underground!
2012-06-11 There is an app for that! - BoulOmetre Petanque
2012-05-10 Petanque-festival in Wrocław
2012-03-06 The ultimate francophile boule-set
2011-12-14 Pétanque - The greatest game you never heard of!
2011-11-10 Manifestation 1.000 Boules in the Netherlands
2011-05-28 Doping Agency Lifts Alcohol Ban for Pétanque
2011-01-29 South African pinball petanque
2010-10-19 UBK Studios needs your help!
2010-08-17 Pétanque tournament Documentary on the way
2010-06-16 We know what's on your petanque mind
2010-05-31 New book about Petanque
2009-09-07 Petnaque Forum updated
2009-09-05 Micro loans from petanque players.
2009-09-05 Petanque on the moon
2009-08-27 Water Petanque
2009-05-26 Petanque America Open - Amelia Island - 14 & 15 November 2009
2009-04-27 SWINE FLU WARNING!!
2008-11-15 BBC on petanque
2008-10-17 Play petanque with a kiwi and help raise money!
2008-10-17 Watch those holes
2008-10-16 Womens World Championship in Samsun
2008-09-24 Links are being cleaned out
2008-09-02 New petanque-product hits the web
2008-08-04 Gérald at Mondial La Marseillaise a Petanque 2008-08-04
2008-07-02 Crazy petanque game soon available
2008-06-17 Youtube joins
2008-05-21 Lyon library - story on Boule lyonnaise
2008-05-13 integrates with flickr
2008-01-31 is 10 years old!
2008-01-27 Illegal Petanque Exposed
2007-11-18 A Petanque calendar for 2008
2007-08-09 Hot club petanqe and Le mondial la marseillaise a petanque 2007
2007-05-13 Big balls of steel and a tiny wooden one
2007-05-04 Peterhof Maier cup - play a petanque tournament in Russia!
2007-04-16 New link policy
2007-03-06 Petanque blog feeds updated
2007-01-26 Petanque in the Ukraine
2006-10-18 43'rd petanque world championship
2006-10-11 More than 1400 petanque postcards online!
2006-07-28 “Shall we have a game” – the Sociable petanque Sinner
2006-07-28 The Marbles Players
2006-07-28 Two sins on Terrain
2006-07-28 Not Reading the petanque Terrain
2006-07-28 Not Checking the Head – Not Thinking Tactically
2006-07-28 How far should you throw the jack?
2006-06-15 A small petanque video
2006-04-20 Pool system
2006-04-07 Swiss tournament system Score sheets
2006-03-17 New forum dedicated to petanque in the USA
2006-02-20 Do you have a petanque-blog?
2006-02-20 Forum
2006-02-08 Boulemuseum Hohenrode
2006-01-27 When in France..
2006-01-07 Postcards galore
2005-11-29 First Australian petanque-book
2005-11-18 The First Petanque America International Open
2005-11-09 New forum rules
2005-11-08 Dave Barry is coming to Florida - are you?
2005-10-19 Cockle bay petanque club's 10th anniversary
2005-10-03 World Championships 2005
2005-09-13 An interview with Philippe from Petanque America
2005-09-07 Parlons Pétanque – Let’s Talk Petanque!
2005-05-25 Guinness world record for the longest petanque marathon set!
2005-04-08 Content for Coaching section wanted
2005-03-17 1000 postcards online!!!
2005-01-09 CD with Marco Foyot
2004-12-13 Euro-Cup Rastatt
2004-12-03 More video- the german championship for triplets
2004-11-14 Postcard ratings cleaned up - vote now!
2004-10-14 More videos available.
2004-10-05 World championship results
2004-09-16 More than 800 petanque postcards online
2004-07-13 Avignon Celebrity Tournament
2004-07-12 Le Gang de Petanque
2004-07-12 A visit at La Boule Bleue
2004-07-11 La Marseillaise
2004-06-05 Exam in boules
2004-05-19 The First Tournament in St. Petersburg
2004-04-28 More downloads
2004-03-31 Petanque screensaver
2004-03-28 Philippe Quintais online
2004-03-01 New section: Video
2004-01-21 Do you need a domain for your website?
2003-12-28 Dutch Petanque-CD released
2003-12-18 The 1-st International Petanque Tournament in Russia
2003-11-17 European Championship for Women
2003-11-13 Buy he worlds first Petanque CD
2003-11-05 The first Petanque tournament in Moscow
2003-10-28 More old pictures added
2003-10-25 Petanque postcard collection grows
2003-08-14 Forum subscription updated
2003-07-02 North Sea petanque 2003
2003-06-24 New petanque book by Marco Foyot
2003-06-23 Petanque in the streets of Brooklyn
2003-06-19 Petanque in Tula, Russia
2003-06-03 Forum gets updated - do not panic
2003-06-02 Update on the Russian Boulodrome
2003-05-31 Celtic Challenge 2003
2003-05-21 First Professional Training in Russia
2003-05-09 60 hours of petanque
2003-05-04 Postcards revisited: 552 cards on line
2003-04-03 Boules to Niger!
2003-04-02 Marco Foyot un-suspended!
2003-03-15 Le Bouliste Enchaîné
2003-03-04 Senior games in Gent, Begium
2003-03-04 The Krasnodar Region's first petanque tournament
2003-03-04 A Russian Bouleodrome in the making
2003-01-28 Marco Foyot ,world famous petanque champion, has been suspended
2003-01-19 We need more contributions
2002-11-28 534 postcards online
2002-10-09 World Championships 2002
2002-10-06 World Championship result
2002-09-14 End of news at
2002-09-14 are Scottish Triple Champions 2002
2002-08-14 International "Rüttchen-Toernooi 2002" L'Ammerzo very successful
2002-08-04 Outcome of La Marseillaise
2002-07-10 Local domain-names
2002-06-25 Books updated and translated to French!
2002-06-25 Vote for the best postcard
2002-06-21 Report from Biarritz
2002-06-16 Petanque in 5 minutes
2002-06-06 Greek Petanque Festival
2002-06-03 Disaster has stuck
2002-02-11 Petanque in the philately - a new collection at
2002-02-11 HOW TO PLAY BETTER !
2002-01-24 Venue for Celtic Challenge decided
2002-01-05 Club Affiliation
2001-12-16 New section for beginners
2001-12-16 Marco Foyot coaching course report
2001-12-14 More than 500 postcards
2001-12-13 Petanque in the philately
2001-11-18 New Secretary for the Scottish Petanque Association
2001-11-05 World Junior Championship
2001-10-28 Forum-mail is back - and it might work as well
2001-10-18 More Postcards - and thumbnails are available
2001-10-18 World Championship 2001 report
2001-10-17 Interview with GB World Championship team
2001-09-30 World championship results
2001-09-29 Get spammed by the forum!
2001-09-21 Contribute to the FAQ
2001-09-09 More postcards in the collection
2001-08-08 International "Rüttchen-Toernooi 2001" L'Ammerzo very successful
2001-08-07 Playing in Provence
2001-08-07 A report on playing in France for foreigners
2001-07-13 Outcome of the Marseillase
2001-07-12 La Marseillaise report - who is still in
2001-07-10 Finnish Championships
2001-06-27 North Sea Cup 2001
2001-06-11 Dutch championships for women and youth and qualification match World championship for seniors 2001
2001-06-08 Results Boule Hedebo Open 2001
2001-06-05 Mr.Integrale, part deux.
2001-06-01 Dutch National League and Cup 2001
2001-05-29 350.000 postcards served
2001-05-26 Help Boule-Gemeinschaft Essen-Kettwig e.V.
2001-05-24 World Champion Foyot with multi-lingual website
2001-05-22 Rules for the Individual Pointers Competition
2001-05-15 La boule Bleue is back
2001-05-11 World Pointing Championship?
2001-05-03 World Championship Website
2001-04-27 Shooting contest report
2001-04-22 Australian Petanque Championships 2001
2001-04-06 Australian Petanque Championships
2001-03-28 An interview with Mr.Couble of Integrale.
2001-03-24 Differences between Petanque and Jeu provencal
2001-03-13 Boules - not bombs!
2001-03-12 Indoor German Division Championships 2001
2001-02-07 Visiting Germany in 2001
2001-02-06 Dutch Indoor Championship 2001 for triples
2001-01-31 Video from the inspt 1999
2001-01-22 (DPV) TOP 10 List Nov.13.2000
2001-01-20 New system is being installed and Germany joins
2001-01-19 Division News - Bayern
2001-01-19 Welcome to Germany's News Page
2001-01-15 Results Dutch indoor championships autumn 2000
2001-01-15 Dutch championship for doubles
2001-01-15 New Dutch shooting record
2001-01-15 Dutch championship for singles 2000
2001-01-15 Dutch Championships
2001-01-15 Dutch National League 2000
2001-01-15 Dutch Boule d'Or 2000
2001-01-15 First Dutch players council newly founded
2001-01-15 Dutch Indoor Championschip 2000
2001-01-15 New website of the Dutch petanquefederation (NJBB)
2001-01-15 The Dutch unofficial indoor championship for women triples
2001-01-15 Dutch unofficial indoor championship for mixed doubles 1999
2001-01-15 The Dutch petanque federation has 16.000 members now!
2001-01-15 Dutch unofficial indoor championship 50+ for triples
2001-01-15 Dutch unofficial indoor youth championship
2001-01-15 Dutch championship doubles 1999
2001-01-14 Un nouveau site de pétanque en France
2001-01-14 La pétanque en France sur Internet !
2001-01-10 World Championships in Portugal
2001-01-10 Nordic Championships
2001-01-10 Greetings from Finland
2001-01-10 Greetings from Finland!
2001-01-08 Norwegian Championship 2000
2001-01-08 The Norwegian team for the INSPT 2000
2001-01-08 in Memorial : Karsten Köhler
2001-01-08 France won the juniors championhip.
2001-01-08 Madagascar won the World Championship.
2001-01-08 WCh : The first 7 nations out
2001-01-08 Great Britain made shocking victory !
2001-01-08 WCh : Sweden safely through to the third round
2001-01-08 Finland & Denmark started well
2001-01-08 The Norwegian Cup Final :
2001-01-08 The Norwegian Team for the World Championship
2001-01-08 The Norwegian Champions 1999
2001-01-08 Sweden won the titles at the Nordic Championship
2001-01-08 The Nordic Championships - ready for renewal ?
2001-01-08 The first to win INSPT for 2 countries !
2001-01-08 the 20. International North Sea Petanque Tournament
2001-01-08 The Norwegian line-up for the INSPT
2001-01-08 L'équipe Canadianne placé 5ème au Championnate Mondale
2001-01-08 Equipe Canadiane au Finale
2001-01-08 Tournoi de fermeture des Boulistes de St-Hubert, Qué.
2001-01-08 Reglement de Petanque (Canada francais)
2001-01-07 Results Copenhagen Open
2001-01-07 Coupe des Amériques 2000
2001-01-07 Canada Captures 'Coupe des Amerques' Again
2001-01-07 Canadian Mens and Womens '2000 ' Championships
2001-01-07 Welcome - Petanque in Canada
2001-01-05 447 postcards online
2001-01-05 A Christmas present to the petanque-world
2001-01-05 Postcards reach 300 !
2001-01-05 Help us make a faq
2001-01-05 Canadian Womens Team 5th at World Championships
2001-01-05 First batch of postcards ready
2001-01-05 Postcards wanted
2001-01-05 Book database reaches 290
2001-01-05 Equipment and Shops database online
2001-01-05 Player database online
2001-01-05 Book database hits 200!
2001-01-05 La Marseillaise won with a Fanny!
2001-01-04 First commercial site to hit the web
2001-01-04 Book database nearly finished!
2001-01-04 Do you have a question about the rules of Petanque?
2001-01-04 Book database is online
2001-01-04 Petanque book database in progress
2000-02-16 Founder of USA federation died at 105.
2000-02-16 FPUSA qualifiers
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Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happen

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire. "It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?

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