No boules left? Hold on, there is one more here..

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2001-01-16

During a game of Team A vs Team B.
Late in the end Team A indicates Team B is "holding the point" this is confirmed.B waits for A to,play but they indicate they have no boules left.
So B plays out.
THEN when measuring is about to occur Team A finds they have a Boule unplayed, and, one of their team suggests that team B played out of turn and consequently have offended the rules.

This is not the first time that I have been asked this question for a very similar situation. It's not so much a matter of which rule covers this sort of incident, but more of the lack of a rule, I shall try to explain:

You could argue that your opponent should have thrown his boule in turn - but there is no rule to say who goes next!

You could argue that your opponent should tell you how many boule he has to play - but there is no rule to say he must!

Your opponent may argue that you should keep count of the boule played, so by a matter of elimination you will know how many boule are remaining - but, yes you've guessed it there is no rule to say you must.

Each of the above is taken for granted and happen as a matter of sportsmanship - but what do you do when it all goes wrong - Well I have discussed this very issue with a member of the FIPJP's technical committee and after several email we came to an agreement, which is:

Because there is a dispute the umpire should be called (did you have one?). He/She should assume that this action was not done deliberately and instruct your opponent to play his boule. He will also issue a warning saying that if your opponent does it again the boule will be disqualified.

Should your opponent repeat do it again then the boule will be removed and everything it moved is replaced (article 24 can be enforced) and your opponent is then given a 2nd warning. This time if he was to repeat this action he will be disqualified (article 38).

The umpire should also enter this event and warnings etc., into his written report which should then be circulated to all umpires in the league/organisation/association/federation (which ever applies) thereby ensuring IF this is done by this player again the umpire can considerimmediate disqualification as he will know it was not by accident, the player cheated on purpose....

I realise that this does very little to help when you are faced with the possibility of your opponent playing the winning boule. Until there is a new rule book issued, which I would hope will cover this sort of thing, I can only advise you to remain alert during your game. Count the boule played and don't forget to mark the position of every boule and of course the cochonnet.

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