Two Cohonettes?

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2001-01-16

Four teams are playing triplette. Two by two. One party shoots le cochonette out of the playing field and into the other playing field, where it directly hits another cochonette. Now there are two cochonettes on the other playing
ground and nobody can tell which cochonette is the right one since nothing was marked. It really happened! I just cant remember what what ruling was made, but what is your suggestion?

The situation you described can happen all too often - mostly because players do not mark the position of all the boule and cochonnet.

I assume that not only was no positions marked but also neither boule or cochonnet left any marks on the ground which would indicate where they moved from/too ( I shall explain later)

So lets break down the situation into parts.
1. No positions were marked - All boule and cochonnet stay where they are.
2. Neither game can decide which is their cochonnet - Both cochonnet are deemed dead, as if they are lost, article 9(5). Of course article 13 is also applied for any scoring.

3. Both games are given a warning by the umpire to mark cochonnet and boule at all times.
You may consider this to be unfair for the game who's cochonnet was hit and I agree. BUT they should have marked the cochonnet's position...

Note/ It is not always easy to answer questions like this by email/post/phone as there are often other factors which can be taken into consideration when making a decision on the terrain. For instance the mark left by a boule or cochonnet when it was moved can, and often does, indicate where it came from. So please take the above as a general explanation - on the piste it could be a little different.

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