Petanque at the Palace

A petanque-picture from Monte Carlo. If you want to play petanque, this is the place to play. Magnificent!Full story

Get petanque-postcards in your twitter stream!

We have set up a system that will publish 2 new postcards to twitter every day from It will not work forever of course, in only 2,5 years we will start with re-runs of cards we have already previously published on Twitter . We do have a lot of petanque-postcards here.Full story

Top rated petanque postcards from our collection:

PEC_LCSP7203.jpg - click for full sizeMireille_8_Sanary.jpg - click for full sizeAmCartAnjou_4_sable.jpg - click for full sizeEstel_549S.jpg - click for full sizePEC_6283.jpg - click for full size

Have you looked at the postcards?

We have a very nice collection of postcards here on, and all of them are about petanque of course. Currently we have more than 1750 postcards available for your enjoyment.Full story

Petanque in action - a photo series

Bent Toe from Sweden sent us a few photos of boule in actionFull story

Rivonia Sports Club plays with ANC Youth League

Last night the regular boules (or petanque) players at the Rivonia Sports Club encountered over 1000 African National Congress Youth League (the ANC is the ruling party in South Africa)members who had congregated to register for their national general council at the sports club. The participants provided a noisy and crammed backdrop to our normal sedate afternoon's play.Full story

Hand-painted Cochonnets

Carter Ingram from Novato, California has an excellent hobby: He makes haind-painted Cochonnets. Have a look, and think: Would you risk one of these babies by throwing a boule at it?Full story

Petanque Picture from Malaysia

Abu Seman Awang Besar from Malaysia has sendt us a pictureFull story

Pictures from Ventimiglia, Italy

Rovaris Alessandro spendt the summerhollidays in Ventimiglia, Italy. And he spendt the time learing how to play Petanque in the DLF
Ventimiglia petanque clubFull story

Summer in Alghero petanque-style

Some summetime-feeling from the Sardinian city of AlgheroFull story

Dunedin temporary petanque show

In new zeeland they regularely build a piste and play in 3 hours!Full story

Pictures from Thailand

Mr. Setsaas has sendt us some petanque-pictures from Thailand.Full story

Petanque in mexico

Pierre de Olivia has sendt us a snapshop from Yucatan, MexicoFull story

Petanque in Sarawak Malaysia

Team Hornbill Petanque Sibu has sendt us some pictures from a local tournament in Malaysia.Full story

Going in in Nice France

A nice shot from Nice, France.Full story

2nd Johannesburg Open

Here are some pics from the 2nd Johannesburg Open played at the Boulesdust piste at the Zoo Lake Sports Club in Johannesburg (see Google Pic). There were 10 doublets who played in 2 round robin leagues. The top 2 teams then played in the semi-finals. The final was won by Paul and Howie who beat Gerald and Bridget in a tense final that finished well after 8pm.Full story

25 years of danish petanque tshirts

Lars Refn was one of the founders of the Copenhagen Petanque Club in Denmark. He is also an illustrator, and has produces a vast number of t-shirts with petanque as the theme over the years. Full story

Encouraging new players

A positive newsflash fron Chiltern - the young ones have started playing petanque!Full story

Too old to play petanque?

We often get questions about when you are to old to play petanque. Some say 90, some 100 and some 120..Full story

Petanque in Blanzaguet

A report from Tim Truluck in Charente, France.
Full story

Fall in Nice ,France , it's petanque-playing time

Late in october in Nice the temperature is around 25 degrees celcius, and life is generally very nice..Full story

Watch those shots!

Wa have all hear d them, the stories. The sad ones, the rought ones, the ones we do not believe: In the middle of the match his boule just plain split in half!

And we have all thought that it is just a lame excuse. This does not happen!
Read on!Full story

Pictures from Mondial Marseille 2007

Dragan_Antonijevic has sendt us some more pictures from this great event!Full story

Pictures from "Le marseillase"

Dragan Antonijevic from slovenia has sendt us some wonderful pictures from Marseille.Full story

Pictures from Hølen, Norway

Andreas øwre has sendt us some shots from the Hølen petanque clubFull story

Practice makes perfect

Apparently there is a very good reason why the French are best at petanque. And it is not the fact that they invented the game. It is all in where you practice. A nice park with a tower is what you need!Full story

Phoenix Alliance Francaise from Arizona

Here we see the Phoenix Alliance Francaise in petanque-action in Arizona!
Full story

Christmas gifts for the passioned petanque-player

Now that Christmas is close at hand, here are some buying-advice for those that are 100% focused on petanque!
Full story

petanque Juniors in Oregon

Despite initial predictions to the contrary, Sunday October 1st was
sunny and relatively warm, which a good thing when you are organizing
the first Petanque competition for Juniors in Oregon organized by La
Boule Rose.
Full story

The Romanian Petanque Association

The Romanian Petanque Association ("Asociatia Petanque Romania") is the first of its kind in Romania. More associations and organizations are initiated just now due to our efforts to develop the Petanque sport in Romania. Thanks to our friends, amateurs and professionals de Petanque from Romania, we are opening more clubs and we are in this moment the founders of the Romanian Petanque Federation. Full story

Petanque at UK home of Scouting

With a great deal of promise and a new court in surroundings to die for, the staff at the UK Scout Headquarters at Gilwell park are kicking up the gravel.Full story

Pictures from the bastille petanque day rigging

How to transform a street into a petanque'ish place..Full story

The petanque Girls of Bastille day

A photo series from Bastille dayFull story

Testing a new petanque court in Taipei

Lates news from the Chinese Taipei Petanque and Sports Boules Association.Full story

Pétanque Louisianaise

A picture from the deep south of the US of A. Pétanque Louisianaise, a relatively new club, was in action March 10th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Full story

Pictures from Thailand

Petanque is not only growing it the western world, it is growing in polpularity in the far east as wellFull story

Obut Bi-Poles Boules picture

Full story

Petanque and wine

Finally the ultimate product is here: A petanque wine. The bottle does not contain boules or petanque knowledge, but we are pretty sure that it makes you feel like a better player!Full story

Petanque pictures from Thailand

Ferrari Martin has sendt us some images from Thailand. These are our first pictures from Asia.Full story

Minoan Petanque?

We have a lot of information on the history of petanque, but just when we thought we had it all we got a series of pictures of the ancient Minoan sport played just outside the palace ruins of Kato Zakros in Crete. Full story

Picture from Akaroa Petanque Club, New Zeeland

Akaroa petanque club is brand new, and have sendt us a picture of their piste.
Full story

Counting cochonettes

A good way to reuse your obsolute cochonettes.Full story

Pictures from the Chiltern Region, England

Petanque in the Chiltern Region, England
contributed by Toni gates Full story

Seattle shots.

Some shots from our temporary courts that the city put in as a pilot program. The response has been great and the city will be adding permanent courts, lined with original cobblestones from this historic part of Seattle.
Full story

Pictures from the world championship

Jac Verheul was at this years world championship, and he brought his camera as well. The result was a lot of really good picturesFull story

A danish t-shirt

It seems there are more than one way to keep the count on your clothes. We have had a magnetic t-shirt here before, this time Lars Refn from Denmark has sendt us another solution.Full story

The Petanqueshirt

Jeff Widen has made a petanque-shirt that will end all discussions as to who has how many points. All you have to do is take a look at the shirt!Full story

Petanque in black and white

Oneal Compton has sendt us a beautiful petanque picture.Full story

Report from the international tournament in St. Petersburg

The tournament took place in Peterhof in front of the entrance to the main Palace on 10 of July 2004, where 28 teams took part in this event. Last weekend St.Petersburg was undoubtedly the capital of the Russian petanque. And this year the swedes won the tournament!Full story

El Paso Petanque Club

A series of photographs of several players on a mountain overlooking the city of El Paso and Mexico.Full story

Pictures from Schools Regional Pétanque Tournament, Auckland, New Zealand.

bec Emson has sendt us some excellent shots from New Zeeland.Full story

Picture from FAO Petanque Club in Italy

Team picture from the FAO club in ItalyFull story

Report from Chiltern - England

The Chiltern Region of the British Petanque Association is an up and coming region and is growing in strength all the time. One aim for the region is to encourage new and existing junior players, coach, support and help them reach their goals.
Full story

Pictures from Blankenberge Petanque Club

8370 Blankenberge
contributed by Henri Van den BoschFull story

Pictures from Perth, Australia

Some nice photos from down under from Nicoas Wirtz.Full story

Fanny and a roadsign

This weeks contributions include a classic "Fanny" and a not so classic roadsignFull story

New Zealand International Open

Pictures from New Zealand International Open Triples, and Ladies Doubles, 10, 11 January 2004 at Auckland.Full story

Bocci at Buggiba in Malta

A picture of the game of Bocce played in Malta, Europe.Full story

Boule Frederik II - New year Petanque

Boule Frederik II arranges allways The New Year's Day Boule in The Cathedral Park in FredrikstadFull story

Cockle Bay Pétanque Club

A picture from The Cockle Bay Pétanque Club at Auckland New Zealand. Full story

Pictures from Hobart, Tasmania

From Gillian Lord , Hobart, TasmaniaFull story

Petanque roadsigns

A rather humourous sumission from David Sustak..

Pictures from the "Les Amis de Boule" Wachenheim, Germany

A few pictures from their "Boule-o-Drome" and some Players. Full story

New indoor boulodroom opened in Vestby - Norway

Saturday 15. november the Prinicipal of Culture Affairs in Vestby County, Mr. Birger Hekkelstrand, offically opened the new indoor Boulodroom in Norway.
Full story

French model playing petanque

We have received a picture of the french model Laetitia Casta playing petanque. And we are - of course - hoping for more contributions.Full story

Pictures from Novi , Michigan, USA

From Joe ZajacFull story

Picures from the Mumbles Petanque Club

From Swansea, Wales, UK.Full story

Pictures from the world championship

A short installment of pictures from the world championship 2003.Full story

582 postcards online

One upon a time we had a few postcards online here at Now we have 582 of them! Our very own Jac Verheul, the editor of the Dutch magazine PetanQue, has updated the collection once againFull story

Pictures from Perth

These Pictures are from La Maison de France Petanque Club. during the State of Western Australia Doubles ChampionshipFull story

Report from Whittlesey Indoor Grand Prix Series

Peter and Monica ward , and the others members of the Whittlesey Boulodrome managed to run successfully the second Grand Prix of the indoor series.
A contributed story with pictures from Whittesey, United Kingdom.Full story

Pétanque by the Sea

In a backyard in Califoria fanny has found her spot.
From Encinitas, CA, USA. The piste is the remainder after demolishing a two story pigeon coop. The rest is, as they say, history...Full story

Pictures from Poland

Tomasz Bronowicki, Poland, has sendt us some snapshots from what must have been a very amusing tournament in Gorzow.Full story

Christmas-Cards from Sweden

Kersti Lindelöf has sendt us some Christmas-cards with a very petanque-ish theme. As we all know, It's about the boule getting as close to the pig (in french "le cochonnet") as possible.Full story

Pictures from the world Championship

A series of pictures by Jac Verheul.Full story

Pictures from Glostrup Petanque IF32

Two happy petanque tournament winners, DenmarkFull story

51 -not just a number

Pictures from the belgian petanque club 51 boules à l´ombre . 51 comes from pastis 51, the favourite drink of all our members, lombre is french for shadow and boules means balls , this you probably did understand. Anyway it is not often we see such a magnificent playing area.Full story

UK Nude petanque team . . .

It is not always we have this kind of thing here. in fact it is almost guaranteed that is is the last. But - as we try to give all users their time in the spotlight, we present the UK Nude petanque team. But never again.Full story

usa junior team picture

The USA junior team at the world competition in Lons le Saulniers,France nov 2001Full story

Norwegian Season start

Andreas Øwre has sendt us a series of images from the Nowegian Season-kickoff. On this first match of the year the temperature was just above freezing, and all participants ended up colder than a steel boule..Full story

2001 World Championship winners

David Baxter provided this excellent shot of the winners of the 2001 World championship.Full story

Pictures from Denmark

Bent Smed sendt us a few snapshots from denmark.Full story

Pictures from the City of Fredrikstad, Norway

Our latest installment includes pictures of Norwegians playing in the snow on New Years day. A rather cold experience it seems, but there is no stopping a real petanque-player.Full story

Sea games

Petanque was included in the regional games, the South East Asian GamesFull story

Marco Foyot in Scotland

Petanque Superstar Marco Foyot was at the Home Nations doing a demonstration of tir.Full story


Some signs are more interesting than others..

One mighty strange standing

Søren Bentzen sendt us these snapshots. If you take a closer look you will see that the boules are not all on the ground.. Full story

Snapshots fom North Carolina & Nogent Le Bernard

Petanque at the Biltmore House in Asheville NC and Nogent Le Bernard Full story

Hedebo Open 2001 Gallery

A gallery from Hedebo Open contributed by Jean-Pierre Jardinet.Full story

Salmon, trout, snook... ??

Fishing - the next sport for a petanque-player...Full story

Moment in Bruges

A good shot is not always done with a boule. Jef van den Berg did this one with a camera.Full story

Petanque in Barcelona

During a brief visit to barcelona a quick "click" with a digial camera gave this resultFull story

Cartoon from mr.pipal

It seems that the cartooning hobby is international.Full story

Cartoon from Brighton and Hove petanque Club

Contributed by Ray AgerFull story

Pictures of old petanque-play

Full story

World championship 2000

Contributed by Jac Verheul
There are 19 images here - so hold on!
Full story

Hedebo open, part 2

Contributed by
Henrik Egede Hansen
FIF Petanque, DenmarkFull story

Washington Square park

Contributed by Jeffery Hahn Full story

Hedebo open

Contributed by Peter Cronberg Full story

Boule Cloutee

Contributed byBarry ScottFull story

PPP Labour day petanque

Contributed by Morten Vaagen Full story

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Take a tip to Tahiti! it's the world championship!

For some reason the worl championship in petanque is held in the buzzling metroloplis of Tahiti this year! So pack your swimwear and go there at once!

Petanque bar in Copenhagen opened

Finally petanque has found a new home, as a bar game! Althought it might take a few years befor the darts-boards get the boot and petanque moves in everywhere it has started to happen

FT Masterclass: Pétanque with Mike Pegg

The Financial times has finally understood that Petanque is the game of the future, with our long time friend Mike Pegg, International umpire. "It may not be the sunny south of France but even on a chilly Devon day, British fans are warming to the charms of pétanque"

Discount in the Tour de France shop - get your bike-boules today!

This is a product we have mentioned earlier, just because it is sooooo French. A Tour de France petanque-set! This is more French than a baguette!

Android petanque-game

We stumbled across a petanque-game for the andoid-system. From the produces description:"Petanque in St Tropez is a 3D bowls game, as played on the mediterannean coast." We do not have an android-phone to test it on, perhaps one of you can help us out?

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