Lesson 2:Basic guidelines and choice of boules

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2009-03-15

Playing distances , Size of jack and throwing circle and different weight and size of boule.

Playing distances
For the thrown jack to be valid the distance from it to the nearest edge of the throwing circle must be between: 6 meters minimum and 10 meters maximum for Juniors and Seniors.

Size of jack and throwing circle
Jacks are made of wood or of synthetic material. Their diameter must be between 25 mm (minimum) and 35mm (maximum).

The throwing circle must be large enough for any player to stand with both feet fully inside it. However, it must not measure less than 35cm or more than 50cm in diameter. It must be drawn at least 1 meter from any obstacle, and at least 1 meter from the boundary.

Different weight and size of boule.
There are two types, Leisure and Competition, both similar in appearance. The important difference is that competition boules are intended for competition play, made to a higher specification, vary in diameter, weight, hardness and pattern, with unique identifying marks.
Diameters are from 70.5 to 80mm and the weight must be between 650 and 800 grams.

Choice of Boules

In time you will need your own set of boules, but don't be in too much of a hurry to buy them yet, you may well regret your hastiness if you buy the wrong boule.

Correct weight
On a gravel surface a smaller and heavier boule will take a straighter and more consistent path through the variations of the surface. A heavy boule may cause problems in throwing to 10 meters, but the boule can roll some of the way. A shooter will often need to throw the full length to strike boule to boule. The weight is critical, 680 grams to 700 grams are usually preferred and the bigger the better.

Correct Size
Try holding the boule palm down at arms length with little or no help from your thumb, your fingers should wrap just over halfway round the boule and the boule should not slip from your grasp. If it is slipping it is too big, and if it is too small it will not release cleanly from the fingers and will in both cases affect the direction and distance the boule travels. Start with a small boule and work up until the boule feels too big and then step down a size.

Try other boules before buying
With such a choice, buying your first set of boules can be a daunting task. Do not buy any until you have tried various weights and diameters and have found a size that feels comfortable.

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