Lesson 3: Holding the boule and throwing

By Mr.Bordsenius at 2009-03-14

5. Holding the boule
• Palm on top
• Fingers close together - Thumb hardly used


A stable stance is vital for throwing a boule, find out which positions are most comfortable.

a. Comfortable
b. Balanced
c. Aligned

a. Feet together in line with the game.
b. Feet touching but one behind the other in line with the game. Forward Foot corresponding to throwing arm.

c. Feet apart. Forward foot corresponding to throwing arm.


a. Comfortable: The feet are quite flat within the circle.

b. Balanced: The body is upright for pointing high, bent slightly forward for pointing
medium-high and bent well forward for the other points.

c. Aligned: The shoulders and the whole of the body face into the game.
The eyes are fixed on the jack.


a. The soles of the feet are not fully on the ground: The heels are raised.
b. Balanced: The trunk is almost upright, just slightly leaning forward.
c. Aligned: The shoulders are at right angles to the proposed trajectory and the elbow of the balancing arm is raised. The eyes are fixed on the jack.

The Throw

• Aim
• Smooth backswing
• Follow through
• Correct release

The Throwing Action
The movement of the arm should be smooth and should be without any stiffness. Full extension without elbow interference. The only movement is at the shoulder and the wrist.

To aim, the throwing arm is extended towards the target.

The backswing begins as the arm swings back, elbow next to the body, and the hand holding the boule pivots cocking the wrist.

The forward swing, or follow-through commences slowly…accelerating to the point of releasing the boule as in the manner of a hammer swinging at a nail. During this forward swing the arm remains straight and without any stiffness. As it returns forward, the wrist remains cocked all the way to the base of the swing. The fulcrum of this arc path is past the leg before the arm begins its upward scoop towards the point of release. The wrist begins un-cocking here. The hand should pass near the leg which acts as a guide; hence the importance of placing the feet correctly in the throwing circle.

The other arm should take the part of the counterbalance, helping the player to keep balance.

Having reached the height of the beginning aim position, the hand now opens in a single snap-like release as the ball leaves the hand from the fingertips, not as if it were being dropped. Gradually releasing the finger’s pressure on the ball will cause you to “drop” the ball.

The eyes are kept fixed on the object or the place aimed at.

The legs are involved in the movement - the knees can bend - but the heels do not leave the ground.

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